Laser Incident Statistics

Statistical data gathered by LIA concludes that the most common laser incidents are caused by Nd:Yag (29.7%) and Argon (20.5%) lasers.  More importantly are the occupations which are involved.  Out of 12 categories, scientists are involved in 17.6% of laser incidents, second only to technicians (21.3%).  Doctors and Nurses include 9.2% of all incidents, 5th highest of all categories.


What are the causes?

  • Unanticipated eye exposure during improper alignment procedures.
  • Available eye protection is not often used.
  • Improper methods of handling high votage lead to severe shock and even death.
  • Protection for non-beam hazards is often lacking.
  • Improper restoration of equipment following service.
  • Incorrect eyewear selection and/or eyewear failure.
  • Equipment malfunction.

*It only takes 0.25 seconds (time required for the blink response) with a direct hit from a high powered laser to damage your eyesight.  Don't become a statistic, protect your eyes.