Industrial Radiography Permits

Industrial radiography uses radiation to assess the integrity of structures. While this type of work is an essential tool for construction and engineering, it presents a potential radiation hazard. It is thus important to protect individuals, the public at large, and the environment from such risks.

Environmental Health and Safety utilizes an INDUSTRIAL RADIOGRAPHY PERMIT program aimed at industrial radiography service providers. Only permit holders may execute this type of work on campus. The Industrial Radiography Permit program is maintained by the Radiation Safety Division of EHS, and its objective is to minimize radiation risks associated with this type of work and to promote safe working practices. Industrial Radiography Permits are issued to each service provider for a defined period of time as needed by the service provider. Periodic inspections of the work site are conducted by Radiation Safety Division.

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An example of acceptable training requirements for radiography service providers can be found here online Training Criteria for Industrial Radiographers Working at UM.