Lockout Tagout

The goal of an effective lockout tagout program is to prevent employees from injury by the unexpected energization of equipment they are servicing. Key elements of an effective lockout tagout program include the development of procedures to de-energize equipment, the use of locks assigned to individuals, prevention of the unauthorized removal of locks, and employee training. 

The Department of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) has developed a lockout tagout program that protects its employees from the unexpected energization of equipment. This program is available at the web link below.

If you do not work for O&M and have a piece of equipment that needs to be locked out during servicing, contact EHS at 410-706-7055 for assistance. Equipment that can be de-energized by unplugging the cord is normally exempt from the lockout tagout standard.

Operations and Maintenance Lockout Tagout Program

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