Chemical Waste Storage - Empty Chemical Waste Containers are Being Disposed of Improperly

Audit finding: Empty chemical waste containers are being disposed of improperly

Adverse consequence(s):  The improper handling of chemical waste can result in injuries to employees, damage to the environment, and fines from regulatory agencies  

Corrective action: Empty chemical containers may be disposed of in the regular municipal trash or broken glassware boxes, provided they are completely empty and the chemical labels are completely defaced. The only exceptions are containers previously holding acutely hazardous waste, or P-listed waste, as listed here.. In this instance, the container must be triple-rinsed, with the rinsate collected as hazardous waste. Alternatively, the generator may dispose of the P-listed empty containers through EHS as hazardous waste, by submitting a chemical waste pick-up request. The guidelines for empty containers are located here.