Malpractice Insurance (Student)

The University, in conjunction with the Insurance Division of the State Treasurer's Office, maintains three (3) programs of malpractice insurance offering coverage to properly enrolled students. Two of the programs are provided through commercial insurance, while the third is offered through self-insurance.

Eligible students participating in approved clinical courses in nursing, pharmacy, social work, physical therapy, medical technology, pathology, and human genetics are enrolled in a blanket insurance policy obtained through the State Treasurer. The following is a breakdown of the major points of the program:

  1. Each school's eligible program submits in late summer the estimated number of students who will be participating in clinical programs. The combined estimate for all University schools is submitted by EHS to the Insurance Division of the State Treasurer's Office.
  2. A listing of each program's participating facilities is submitted to EHS in the late summer. This listing includes the facility name, address, phone number, and contact person as well as which program is providing the students. After these listings are submitted to the Insurance Division, the insurance broker/agent will issue a certificate of coverage to each listed facility.
  3. Faculty engaged in actual clinical instruction are also covered under this policy.
  4. Coverage is currently provided under a "claims made" policy with $1,000,000 $3,000,000 in limits.
  5. Students are billed through Student Accounting (Financial Services) each semester for their portion of the premium based upon their enrollment in designated clinical courses. Eligible enrolled students participating in the clinical programs in the School of Dentistry (including dental hygienist) are covered under a separate commercial policy that covers the operation of the entire clinical operation. The program highlights are listed below:

    1. All students properly enrolled in an eligible clinical course are covered under this blanket policy.
    2. All faculty who are registered to instruct in the clinical program are also covered.
    3. Coverage is under a "claims made" policy.
    4. Students are billed through Student Accounting (Financial Services) for their premium based upon the program and year in which they are enrolled.

NOTE: It is important for students, faculty, and staff to know that the professional liability insurance provided to UMB students is intended to cover only formal experiential training activities that are part of the curriculum that are organized and conducted under the supervision of the school. Students and University personnel should not assume that the same professional liability insurance provides coverage for volunteer or community outreach activities. For more information, see the Community Outreach Volunteer Activities and Clinical Experience web page.

Eligible students in the medical school (not including physical therapy, human genetics counseling, and pathology) are enrolled in a self-insurance program administered by the University of Maryland Medical System.

  • Students are billed through Student Accounting (Financial Services) for their premium.
  • A statement of coverage can be requested for any non-UM facility in which an eligible student is participating in a clinical program.

Any questions regarding these programs should be directed to Angela Boxley at 410-706-3221 or by email at