Plans Review

The University campus has seen a great building boom over the past several years. Demolition of outdated structures are making way for new up-to-date facilities and the renovation of existing portions of buildings to bring them into the 21st century. EHS, Occupational Safety Division (OS), is involved in the construction process through its Plans Review staff. The OS University Fire Marshal attends design meetings to advocate for fire protection and life safety issues through out a project.  The University Fire Marshal then reviews all drawings and specifications for new construction and renovations to ascertain that all applicable codes and standards are being met.

Once the building or area is under construction, the University Fire Marshal maintains an ongoing presence at the site and during construction progress meetings to further ensure that all Life Safety and fire protection requirements are installed correctly and tested upon completion.  As part of this process the University Fire Marshal acts as an agent for the Maryland State Fire Marshal's office in the inspection, testing and acceptance of all fire alarms, fire detection, smoke evacuation systems, stair pressurization and fire suppression systems.  EHS staff are also consulted for areas not pertaining to fire safety for their input and expertise.

EHS also issues Hot Work (Burning, Welding and Pipe Sweating) permits to the various contractors involved in this construction process.