School of Social Work

525 W. Redwood Street
(West Building Constructed 1932)
27,604 Square Feet
(East Building Constructed 1983)
64,287 Square Feet
Fire Box 13-17

West Building

The School of Social Work consists of two separate fire resistive constructed buildings. The west building, which is the original school, is three storied with a basement and houses offices and one Class "C" place of assembly. The east building was built in 1983 and is a five storied structure connected to the west building horizontally on two floors with a bridge. The structures are separated with a fire wall and fire-rated doors held open with electro-magnetic hold open devices which close the doors when the fire alarm system in the east building is activated. The east structure houses offices, classrooms, faculty and student lounges, T.V. production studio and a Learning Resource Center (Library).

East Building

Both facilities are equipped with an interior fire alarm system consisting of manual pull stations, smoke detectors, heat detectors, duct detectors and audible/visual devices which transmit a signal to the Pine Street Police Station. The two systems are separate from each other although they activate at the same time.

The east building is totally sprinkled including standpipes with fire department hose valves in the stairways and corridors. The sprinkler water flow and valve supervisory switches are interconnected with this buildings fire alarm system. Any sprinkler control valve which is located above a suspended ceiling is identified with the proper signage directly below. Sprinklers and standpipes are boosted by a 750 gpm fire pump located in the 1st floor mechanical area. The fire department connections are located on the North and East sides of the building. Knox FDC caps are installed on fire department connections to prevent vandalism.

Portable fire extinguishers are located throughout both facilities.

Automatic smoke vents are located in the roof within the stairs of the east building, and on the north, east and south sides of the east building.

The east building is equipped with an emergency electrical generator which supplies power to selected corridor, and stair lights, the fire alarm system, and fire pump.

Each building has two enclosed stairways which provide sufficient exit capacity.

A Knox Box has been installed next to the fire command center with keys for elevators, mechanical areas, electric areas and fire alarm panels in all three buildings to be used by the fire department as needed. A key for the Knox FDC caps is also located in the Knox Box.

These buildings are classified as Business occupancies. The auditorium within the west building falls within the Place of Assembly classification.