Pine Street Police Station

214 N. Pine Street
(Constructed 1878, Renovated 1990)
8,841 Square Feet
Fire Box 13-44

The Pine Street Police Station is a Victorian style three storied with basement of ordinary construction. The interior of the facility was completely renovated in 1990 to house the Department of Public Safety (University Police). The structure contains offices, an employee lounge, and the University Police Communications Center. It is also the location of the University Central Station Fire Alarm Monitoring System.

The building has an interior fire alarm system consisting of manual pull stations, smoke detectors, and audible/visible devices which transmit a signal to the communications center.

The building is totally sprinkled by a wet pipe system with the exception of the unheated portions of the attic, which are protected with a dry pipe system. Water flow and valve supervisory devices are interconnected to the building fire alarm system. The fire department connection is located on the Northeast corner of the building. Knox FDC caps have been installed on the fire department connection to prevent vandalism.

Portable fire extinguishers are located throughout the facility.

Fire department suppression equipment access is on the north, south and east sides.

A metal exterior fire escape is utilized as a second means of emergency egress from the structure as allowed by the Maryland State Fire Marshal's Office. The building is on the register of the Maryland Historical preservation list.

This building is classified as a Business Occupancy.