National Museum of Dentistry

31 South Greene Street
(Constructed 1904)
(Remodeled 1955 & 1996)
24,589 Square Feet
Fire Box 13-28

Formerly the Medical Technology Building, renovated in 1955 and 1996. The Dr. Samuel D. Harris National Museum of Dentistry is a three storied with basement and crawl-space attic building. The building is of ordinary construction. A fire rated stairway has been installed on the east end and serves both the Gray Laboratory building and this facility. The east end of the building has been opened into a three storied atrium (floor opening). A second fire rated enclosed stairway is present in the west portion of the structure. Both stairways service all floors of the museum.

The basement is occupied by mechanical and electrical equipment spaces, a caterer's preparation room, offices and museum artifact storage. The first and second floors consist of museum exhibit spaces, meeting rooms, and the President's Room on the first floor. The third floor is taken up with offices and conference space. Two hydraulic elevators serve this building. The attic space contains some mechanical equipment. The facility is ADA accessible.

The facility is totally protected with a wet pipe sprinkler system through-out. A fire department 2 1/2 inch Siamese connection has been installed on the north-west exterior wall of the structure on Greene Street. Knox FDC caps have been installed on the fire department connection to prevent vandalism. Fire department 2 1/2 inch fire hose valves have been provided at each floor level in both stairways.

Portable fire extinguishers are located throughout the facility.

A new fire alarm system has been installed consisting of manual pull stations, smoke and heat detectors, HVAC duct detectors and water flow alarms which transmit a signal to the Pine Street Police Station.

Fire Department vehicular suppression equipment has access on the west (Greene Street) side only.

A Knox Box has been installed next to the annunciator panel with keys for elevators, mechanical areas, electric areas and fire alarm panels to be used by the fire department as needed. A key for the Knox FDC caps is also located in the Knox Box.

This building is classified as a Place of Assembly.