Lexington Garage

680 W. Lexington Street
(Constructed 1981)
264,090 Square Feet
Fire Box 13-14

The Lexington Street Parking Garage is a fire resistive open air parking facility with eight levels of parking all of which are above grade, and an enclosed ninth level which contains storage throughout the floor.

An interior fire alarm system is installed in the building with manual pull stations on all levels and smoke detectors on the the ninth level.

Two manual dry standpipes for fire department use are located in the Northwest and Southeast stairwells. Fire department connections are located on the Lexington and Pine Street sides of the building on the SE and NW corners of the building. Knox FDC caps have been installed on the fire department connections to prevent vandalism.

Portable fire extinguishers are located throughout the facility.

Two enclosed two hour fire rated stairways provide sufficient exiting capacity.

Fire department suppression equipment has access on all sides.

Access by persons with disabilities is via the main entrance and then by elevator to the upper levels.

A Knox Box has been installed next to the fire alarm panel with keys for elevators, mechanical areas, electric areas and fire alarm panels to be used by the fire department as needed. A key for the Knox FDC caps is also located in the Knox Box.

This is classified as a Storage occupancy.