Lexington Building

620 West Lexington Street
107,500 Square Feet
Fire Box 13-32

The Lexington Building, is six storied of fire resistive construction, brick exterior walls, and a "built-up" roof. This structure houses administrative offices for the campus. A complete interior fire alarm system consisting of manual pull stations, voice/visual warning devices, sprinkler water flow alarms, heat detectors and smoke detectors connected to the Pine Street Police station. There is an emergency generator that provides power for the life safety systems in the building.

The building is totally protected with a wet pipe sprinkler system with a 1000 gpm fire pump. Fire department 2 1\2 inch fire hose connections are located at each floor level in both stairways. Fire department suppression equipment access is present on three sides of the building, Arch Street, Lexington Street and Pearl Street. A fire department Siamese connection is located on the South side of the building on Lexington Street.

This building is a Business occupancy.