Health Sciences Facility III


670 W. Baltimore Street
(Constructed 2018)

UMB began occupying HSF-III in March of 2018.  HSF-III was designed and constructed according to the 2013 edition of the State of Maryland Fire Prevention Code, incorporating by reference the 2012 Life Safety Code and International Building Code.  HSF-III is constructed of Type I-A construction and is considered a high-rise building. 

HSF-III is classified as a separated, mixed-use business, assembly, storage, and industrial occupancy. 

HSF-III is 12 stories tall, with 11 stories above grade and one below.  The lowest story, the Lower Basement, houses building mechanical and electrical equipment systems and has several MRI suites.  Floors 1 through 4 and 6 through 10 contain a combination of laboratories, offices, and conference rooms.  The 5th and 6th floor are both completely vacant shell spaces, currently being used for storage.  There is a Lower Penthouse and Upper Penthouse located above the 10th Interstitial Fl, which contain additional mechanical and electrical system equipment.  A six-story atrium is located on the southern end of the building. 

The building is protected throughout by a combination wet pipe sprinkler/standpipe system, a fire alarm mass notification system, stairwell pressurization, atrium smoke control, photo luminescent egress path marking, fire rated control areas, and other required fire protection features.  

The Area of Rescue Assistance is located in the freight elevator lobby, which also serves as the fire service access elevators. 

The Fire Command Center is located adjacent to the Pine St atrium entrance while the Fire Pump Room is located just inside the Fayette St entrance.