Health Sciences Facility II

20 Penn Street
(Constructed 2003)
191, 307 Square Feet
Fire Box 13-19

Located at the corner of Lombard and Penn Streets, this facility is an 8 story high-rise building. It is attached to HSF I, but will function as a separate building in terms of fire protection, alarm systems, building evacuation, emergency warden assignments, and fire department response.

The building has a basement housing mechanical, electrical high voltage switchgear and paralleling equipment. There is also a penthouse with air handling equipment and other building mechanical equipment. The West side of the first floor contains a loading dock/receiving area. The entire facility houses offices, research laboratories, teaching areas, conference rooms, and auditorium.

The building is protected through-out with a combination standpipe/wet pipe sprinkler system. fire department 2 1/2 inch hose valves are located in each stair landing in Stair # 1 and at the doors to HSF I on the North end of the corridor. Each floor is a separate fire zone with a sprinkler shutoff valve, water flow device, inspectors test and valve supervisory devices all of which are interconnected into the buildings fire alarm system. The fire pump is located in the basement mechanical area. A fire department Siamese connection has been located on the East side of the facility on Penn Street near the intersection with Lombard Street. Knox FDC caps have been installed on the fire department connection to prevent vandalism.

Portable fire extinguishers are located throughout the facility.

One stairway plus horizontal exits to access the HSF I South stairwell provide sufficient exiting capacity. Both of these stairways terminate at the Public Way. Stair # 1 in HSF II is pressurized upon activation of the fire alarm system.

The building interior fire alarm system is a "voice/audible alarm signaling system". An audible pre-recorded tape voice message is transmitted via loudspeakers through-out the facility. Visual alarm devices have been installed in corridors, classrooms, the auditorium and other appropriate locations. The addressable fire alarm system consists of manual pull stations, audible/visual warning units, smoke, heat & duct detectors (supervisory), sprinkler water flow devices and valve supervisory switches is present through-out the facility. This system transmits a signal to the Pine Street Police Station.

Firefighter telephone jacks are located within each stairway landing and each elevator lobby. On the North end they are located just inside the doors to HSF I.

A Fire Command Center (FCC) is located in the Ground Floor elevator lobby behind the guard desk. The FCC contains the following equipment:

1) Firefighter phone system with handsets.

2) Building PA System via the voice evacuation alarm system.

3) A dedicated outside telephone line not within the UM system.

4) Main fire alarm control panel.

5) Elevator status panel.

6) Smoke control system and stair pressurization panel and controls.

7) Status of emergency generator annunciation display.

A Knox Box has been installed in the fire command center with keys for elevators, mechanical areas, electric areas and fire alarm panels to be used by the fire department as needed. A key for the Knox FDC is located in the Knox Box.

This building is a business and assembly occupancy.