Health Sciences and Human Services Library

601 West Lombard Street
(Constructed 1998)
178,000 Square Feet
Fire Box 13-53

The Health Sciences & Human Services Library building is a five storied poured-in-place concrete fire resistive building. The lower level is partially below grade. There are two fire-rated enclosed stairways located on the west side of the facility. The south-west stairs terminate at a public way. The north-west stairs terminate at a public way. Exiting from the first floor is through the enclosed exit stairwells, the main entrance, and an exit to the outside of the building on the Northeast corner of the first floor.

The entire structure is protected with a wet pipe sprinkler system. Each floor is a separate fire/sprinkler zone with its associated control valve, water flow device, and inspectors test. fire department 2 1/2 connections are located in each stairwell, at the northeast and southeast corners of each floor and the center of the west wall on each floor. A double 21/2 roof hydrant is located at the roof level. A 750 gpm fire and jockey pump with their associated electrical controllers are located in the lower level mechanical equipment room. A fire department Siamese connection is located on the southeast corner of the building on the east wall (Greene Street). Knox FDC caps have been installed on the fire department connection to prevent vandalism.

Portable fire extinguishers are located throughout the facility.

The interior fire alarm system consists of voice message evacuation, audible and visible devices, smoke, heat, & duct detectors (supervisory), beam detectors (supervisory) manual pull stations and sprinkler water flow alarms. The voice system has public address capabilities for live messages. This system transmits a signal to the Pine Street Police Station.

The facility has two separate floor openings containing communicating stairs (in the center of the facility) between floors three, four, and four, five. Because of these floor openings, upon activation of any water flow device, the air handling supply units will reverse and provide a smoke removal system.

Floors one through five contain book stacks, administrative offices and support areas, study carrels, reading areas and lounges. the fifth floor contains administrative offices, meeting spaces and a conference room. The lower level contains a TAL Center, Multi-Media Center, Class Rooms, Information Services computer main frame operation, a book storage space and mechanical and electrical rooms.

Fire department suppression equipment has access on all four sides of the facility.

A Knox Box has been installed next to the fire alarm annunciator with keys for elevators, mechanical areas, electric areas and fire alarm panels to be used by the fire department as needed. A key for the Knox Box FDC caps is also located in the Knox Box.

This building is classified as an assembly occupancy.