Gray Lab

Rear-520 W. Lombard Street
(Constructed 1840-Renovated 1967, 2000)
18,250 Square Feet
Fire Box 13-24

Gray Hall is a four storied with basement building of ordinary construction with brick exterior. The floors are of a "Split-Level" design. The building has one unenclosed stairway and one newly constructed (2003) exterior steel fire escape stair. A new interior fire rated stairway has been installed as part of the renovation of the Dr. Samuel D. Harris National Museum of Dentistry Museum (Med.Tech.) building. This stairway serves both this facility and the museum. Access is at the West end of the building on floors 2-4.

The structure is totally sprinkled with a combination standpipe wet pipe sprinkler system, with 2 1/2 inch fire department hose connections at each floor level in the unenclosed stair and the Dental Museum stairwell. A 500 GPM fire pump is an integral part of the fire protection system. This fire pump also serves the Dental Museum. The fire department connection is located on Greene Street at the North end of the Dental Museum by Cider Alley. Knox FDC caps have been installed on the fire department connection to prevent vandalism.

Portable fire extinguishers are located throughout the facility.

A fire alarm system consisting of manual pull stations, sprinkler water flow alarms, valve supervisory devices, smoke detectors, and audio/visual alarms has been installed which transmits a signal to the Pine Street Police Station. The sprinkler system's water flow and valve supervisory devices are interconnected to the fire alarm system.

Fire Department vehicular suppression equipment has no access to the building due to it's excessive setback from W. Lombard and S. Greene Streets. There is however, limited access from the North Alley (Cider).

Access for persons with disabilities is via an entrance from Cider Alley (north side of building). there is no access present for persons with disabilities to the upper floors.

A Knox Box has been installed next to the fire alarm panel with keys for mechanical areas, electric areas and fire alarm panels to be used by the fire department as needed. A key for the Knox FDC caps is also located in the Knox Box.

This building is classified as a Business Occupancy.