General Firesafety Information

This section of the Fire-Life Safety Page provides a central location to secure information concerning fire safety and fire protection equipment located in University Buildings.  Also recognized are the requirements of the various codes/standards adopted by incorporation by reference by the Maryland State Fire Prevention Code. 

It has been the practice of the Maryland State Fire Marshal's Office, the enforcing arm of the Fire Prevention Commission, to retroactively require certain basic life safety features in existing buildings, such as:

  1. Provisions for adequate exiting capacity.
  2. Fire alarm systems.
  3. Conducting of appropriate fire exit drills.
  4. Stair and exit enclosures.
  5. Provisions for emergency lighting and exit signage.
  6. Removal of highly combustible interior finishes in the means of egress.
  7. Protection and separation of hazardous areas.
  8. Proper maintenance of fire suppression and detection equipment.

The State Fire Marshal's Office may authorize equivalencies to provisions within the State Fire Code and therefore exempt certain requirements.

NOTE:  All buildings falling within the umbrella of the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) have been excluded from this data base.