Donaldson Brown Estate

Donaldson Brown Estate
200 Mount Ararat Farm Road
Port Deposit, Maryland, 21904

The Donaldson Brown Center estate, owned and operated by UM, sitting on Mt. Ararat, a 200 boot rock cliff overlooking the Susquehanna River, is located between Port Deposit and Perryville, Cecil County, Maryland. This facility, consisting of a Georgian style mansion, carriage house (dorm rooms 1st floor and conference room 2nd floor), greenhouse, support buildings, and recreational areas comprising tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, a 150,000 gallon in ground swimming pool, and hiking trails, serves as an educational conference center and retreat. All buildings on the property are of ordinary or wood frame construction.

The Mansion consists of a main conference room, several smaller meeting rooms, a formal dining room, and kitchen on the first floor. The second level, reached via two curved grand staircases, houses sleeping accommodations for thirty guests, and the manager's apartment. An additional metal spiral stairway connects the 1st and 2nd floors with the basement, which houses mechanical, electrical equipment, and a laundry facility, plus several storage spaces. The mansion is equipped with an interior fire alarm system consisting of manual pull stations, smoke detectors in sleeping rooms and hallways, and audible signals. The fire alarm system transmits a signal via an auto-dialer to the Cecil County 911 Center. A small electric elevator serves all three levels of the building.

Fire protection for the Mansion consists of portable fire extinguishers placed through-out the facility. There are interior class 2 hose cabinets equipped with adjustable straight stream/fog nozzles in strategic locations within the building. These hose cabinets take suction from four 2300 gallon storage tanks with 150 gpm pumps. Water for these tanks does not come from the Center's fire mains. The stove and deep fat fryer are protected with a dry chemical system consisting of discharge nozzles and automatic fuel disconnects. This system is interconnected into the Mansion's fire alarm system.

The Carriage House (formerly the horse stable) is a two storied building of ordinary construction with heavy brick walls. The first level has been converted into motel like sleeping quarters for total accommodation of twenty-two (22) persons. The upper floor is used as a small meeting/conference room. Egress from this space is either via the interior stairs to the first floor and out to the exterior or a steel exterior set of stairs.

Fire protection for the estate is provided by a fire pump which obtains its water from two underground reservoirs and the swimming pool. A private fire main system with five (5) fire hydrants provide at least 600 gallons of water per minute at twenty (20) pounds per square inch. The hydrants are located as follows:

  • Front of the Mansion
  • Rear of the Mansion
  • Tennis Courts
  • Carriage House
  • The farm (end of line)

This facility is classified as a Hotel/Place of Assembly.