Campus Center

Campus Center
621 W. Lombard Street
119,100 Square Feet
Fire Box 13-37

Constructed in 2009, Campus Center is a five storied with a basement of fire resistive construction. Because of its height of greater than 100 feet the building is classified as a high-rise building. There is a fire command center located inside the main entrance on the ground floor. Campus Center contains offices, restaurants, lounges, ball room, meeting rooms, swimming pool and athletic center. Three enclosed fire rated stairways with stair pressurization fans provide sufficient vertical exiting capacity.

A complete high-rise fire alarm system consisting of manual pull stations, voice/visible devices, smoke and heat detectors, and water flow devices transmit an automatic signal to the Pine Street Police Station. The building is also equipped with a firefighter phone system with hand sets installed in the main elevator lobby on floors 2-5 for use by handicapped persons.

The building is protected through-out with a combination standpipe/wet pipe sprinkler system with 2 1/2 inch fire department valves on each stairwell floor landing. The system is provided with the correct water pressure through a 750 GPM fire pump located in the basement.

Fire department suppression equipment access is available on the North and South sides.

The building is classified as a Business, Merchantile and Assembly Occupancy.