Anatomical Specimens

Anyone working with unfixed, human, anatomical specimens is at risk of bloodborne pathogen exposure and must comply with the provisions of the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. A University investigator requesting unfixed specimens from the State Anatomy Board must first obtain certification from the University Biosafety Officer that the requirements of the Standard have been met. A suggested format for this request can be found at the link below. For more information, please contact the Biosafety Officer, Melissa A. Morland, MS, RBP, CBSP (410-706-7845) or the Director, Anatomical Services Division, State Anatomy Board, Ronald S. Wade (410-706-3313).

Draft letter to initiate bloodborne pathogen certification

If you and your staff are not covered by an existing control plan, please contact Melissa A. Morland for assistance. Be aware that it may take some time and effort to get one written and implemented.