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The University of Maryland Environmental Health and Safety office is responsible for all aspects of fire safety on campus, including construction and renovation plans review, fire safety and construction inspections, fire safety education, fire drills, emergency warden program, fire alarm response, fire cause investigation, maintenance of the Fire Safety website, Hot Work Permits, and occupancy permits

Facilities Management is responsible for the maintenance and testing of fire protection, fire alarm and other fire/life safety equipment, and systems on campus per requirements of the State Fire Prevention Code. 

Fire suppression (firefighting) and emergency medical service are provided by the Baltimore City Fire Department (BCFD).

Member of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Since 1978. Other fire administrations include the United States Fire Administration and the Maryland State Fire Marshal.

The Fire Marshal is responsible for developing and managing all university fire and life safety programs. 

The UMB Fire Marshal is deputized by the Office of the State Fire Marshal as a Special Assistant State Fire Marshal for the purpose of enforcement of the State of Maryland Fire Prevention Code. 

The UMB Fire Marshal is Andrew Roberts, P.E.

Who To Contact

Andrew Roberts, P.E.
UMB Fire Marshal

Thomas Good
Fire Protection Engineer

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