Use of Non-EPA Regulated Scintillation Cocktails

As employees, researchers, and students, at the University of Maryland Baltimore (UM), we have a responsibility to minimize the amount of hazardous waste that we generate. One common waste stream generated at UM is liquid scintillation cocktails. These cocktails can be either EPA regulated hazardous waste or not regulated. In order to eliminate the use of EPA regulated scintillation cocktails, please use scintillation cocktails from the left side of the list titled NON-EPA Regulated Scintillation Cocktails.





Amersham   1-847-593-6300 Amersham    

BCS-Biodegradable Counting


(NBCS104 and NBCS204)


ACS-Aqueous Counting Sintillant



OCS-Organic Counting Scintillant


Beckman  1-800-551-1150 Beckman   
  Ready Safe     Ready Organic Ready Solve HP
        Ready Protein Ready Value
        Ready Solve EP Ready Solve NA
 Fisher Scientific   1-800-766-7000   Fisher Scientific   
   Scintisafe 30%  Scintisafe Gel    Scintilene SX2-4 Scintiverse-E
  Scintisafe Econo 1 Scintisafe Plus   Scintiverse-I Scintiverse TM Bio-HP
  Scintisafe Econo 2 Scintiverse BD   Scintiverse-II  
  Scintisafe Econo F        
FSA Laboratory Supplies  0-509-231166 (UK) FSA Laboratory Supplies   
  Beta Plate Scint XSC/9200        
  Opti-Phase Hisafe II XSC/9195        
ICN Biomedical, Inc.  1-714-545-0113 ICN Biomedical, Inc.   
  BetaMax ES Ecolume   Chem Fluor 1  
  CytoScint ES UniverSol ES      
IN/US Systems, Inc.  1-800-875-4687 IN/US Systems, Inc.   
  In-Flow BD    

In-Flow TC


In-Flow 2
  In-Flow ES     In-Flow 3  
J.T. Baker  1-908-859-9322 J.T. Baker   
National Diagnostics, Inc.  1-404-699-2121 National Diagnostics, Inc.   
  Ecoscint Ecoscint O   Betaflour Liquiscint
  Ecoscint A Monoflow 5   Gammascint  Soluscint O
  Ecoscint H UniScint BD   Hydofluor Ultrafluor
Packard Instrument Co.  1-800-323-5891 Packard Instrument Co.   
  Formula-989 Ultima Gold   Aquasol Econofluor
  Opti-Fluor Ultima Gold AB   Aquasol-2 Scint-A XF
  Opti-Fluor O Ultima Gold F   Atomlight Hionic-Fluor
  Poly-Fluor Ultima Gold LLT   Biofluor Insta-Gel
  Ultima-Flo AF Ultima Gold MV   Insta-Gel Plus Pico-Fluor-40
  Ultima-Flo AP Ultima Gold XR   Insta-Gel XF Pico-Fluor-15
  Ultima-Flo M     Pico-Fluor-30  
Perkinelmer Life Sciences  1-800-551-2121 Perkinelmer Life Sciences   
  Optiphase Hisafe 2     Liquifluor  
  Optiphase Supermix        
Research Products International Corp.  1-847-635-7330 Research Products International Corp.   
  Bio-Safe II     3a70b Neutralizer
  Bio-Safe NA     4a20



  Econo-Safe     Budget Solve 3a20


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