University Corridors Being Cleared of Combustible Materials

University President David Ramsay signed the Emergency Egress Safety Policy on August 6, 1997. This policy deals with the storage of flammable chemicals, combustibles, and trash in the corridors as well as maintenance of a minimum safe corridor exit width of 44." The University Fire Marshal at the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) began an education program to assist building occupants on how to be in compliance with the policy. After an extended grace period, the University Fire Marshal and other EHS personnel began tagging improperly stored materials in January 1998. Many of the items were voluntarily removed by the owners. After extended courtesy periods those improperly stored items that remained in the corridors were removed.

After three months of "corridor patrols" the fire safety of most of the corridors and stairwells across campus has improved greatly. Truckloads of excess equipment, combustible storage, and trash has been cleared by EHS, Facilities Management, and contract moving personnel. We ask that all employees and students help to maintain the corridors in safe condition in the event of an emergency in their buildings.

If you notice an unsafe condition please contact Occupational Safety and Health at x6-7055. For more information on this policy you may review it on our website indicated below.

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