Improper Labeling of Radioactive Waste Containers

The most common violation during laboratory audits continues to be improper labeling of radioactive waste containers. In order to reduce the number of violations, please follow these guidelines.

Each time waste is added to any container, an entry must be made noting the type of nuclide, activity, assay date, waste type, and lab tech's initials on the log sheet provided with the container.

When the container is full, sum up the activities on the log sheet and transfer the total to the "Caution Radioactive Material" label along with the nuclide type. The last addition date will become the nominal assay date.



Chemical Identification should reflect brand name of scintillation cocktail or percentages of all chemicals present in solution. Do not use abbreviations.

Nuclide information should be the total activity for the container derived from the log sheet provided with the container. >

No nuclides may be mixed into the same radioactive waste container without the prior approval from the Environmental Management Division.

It is only permissible to mix C-14 and H-3 in the same container.

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