Hot Weather Laboratory Protection

In the heat of the Summer it is always nice to get out of those winter coats, sweaters, and long pants and into something light weight like shorts and sandals. There is nothing wrong with wearing shorts and sandals in an appropriate area. The laboratory is not one of those places.

In the laboratory we use caustics, acids, and infectious agents and therefore wear rubber gloves to protect our hands and goggles to protect our eyes. If you wear shorts, what protects the skin on your legs? If you wear sandals, what protects the skin on your feet?

Appropriate attire in the laboratory is required all year round, not just when the weather outside is cold.

Suggestions: Bring a change of clothes with you to wear in the laboratory. Long pants, wrap around skirt, street shoes with enclosed toe are all good suggestions for alternatives in the laboratory. Laboratory coats are always required in the laboratory to wear over your street clothes whatever time of year.

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