Standing Committees

Standing Committees

Communications and Marketing
The Communications and Marketing Committee is responsible for the dissemination and publication of DAC services, initiatives, and innovations to membership and the UMB community.

The committee will focus on all forms of messaging to provide a comprehensive diversity marketing plan detailing strategic themes and major accomplishments. We will work with the Office of Communications and Public Affairs to disseminate our messages.


Jeffrey Ash
TaShara Bailey
Courtney Jones Carney*
Christina Fenwick
Paulette Harris-Gross
Laura Kozak
Jill Morgan
Elsie Stines
*Committe Chair

  • Share evidence-based best practices that support diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • Increase recognition and appreciation of the value that diversity and inclusion brings to the UMB community.
  • Share learning opportunities and resources that increase knowledge of diversity and inclusion.
  • Promote continuous improvement of an inclusive campus culture.
  • Identify and develop the brand messaging and themes to use in marketing to various constituencies on campus.
  • Create a marketing plan and budget for the upcoming fiscal year.
  • Collaborate with communications and public affairs office to create and disseminate materials.
  • Provide quarterly reports on DAC activities.
  • Maintain and update DAC website.
  • Post diversity and inclusion content on The Elm.

Education and Awareness
The Education and Awareness Committee is responsible for providing leadership in advancing learning and scholarship to build and sustain a community and culture of inclusion.


TaShara Bailey
Courtney Jones Carney
Sheila Blackshear
Rahel Denboba*
Vanessa Fahie*
Russell McClain
Andrea Morgan
Magaly Rodriguez de Bittner

*Committee Chair

  • Facilitate cross-communication of diversity- and inclusion-related activities, programs, and initiatives occurring within UMB schools and departments.
  • Recommend initiatives that promote diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency throughout UMB.
  • Recommend programs that prepare faculty and staff to incorporate cultural competency into the professional and learning environments.
  • Promote interdisciplinary programs to help build cultural competence among students in the health, legal, and human services professions.
  • Provide resources and strategies to actively recruit excellent, qualified, diverse staff, faculty, and students.
  • Create and compile city information about resources for diverse campus populations, particularly for new hires.
  • Provide quarterly reports on DAC activities.

Evaluation and Assessment
The Evaluation and Assessment Committee is responsible for routinely evaluating and assessing the effectiveness and impact of diversity- and inclusion-related activities, programs, and initiatives at UMB.


Jeffrey Ash
Alicia Howard
Flavius Lilly*
Patti Meehan
Sandra Quezada
Diane Marie St. George*
Jennifer Swanberg

*Committee Chairs

  • Establish measurable outcomes to assess the effectiveness and impact of diversity- and inclusion-related activities, programs, and initiatives at UMB.
  • Evaluate metrics as articulated in the strategic plan to measure performance in each priority area.
  • Contribute to periodic environmental scans or surveys to assess campus climate on diversity and inclusion issues in collaboration with Office of Institutional Research and Accountability.
  • Review internal and external reports that relate to diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency, including the Cultural Diversity Progress Report, and HR Employee Action Analysis.
  • Provide quarterly reports on DAC activities.