All-Gender Bathrooms

All-gender bathrooms are available in buildings across campus for those who wish to use them. 

*The School of Nursing is in the middle of restroom renovations and won't have its all-gender restrooms completed until spring 2020.

All gender bathroom map

Building/AddressFloorRoom No. or DescriptionHandicap Accessible 

School of Pharmacy

2 Former men's room, south building No 

Pharmacy Learning Center

1 North side, room 135 No
Medical School Teaching Facility 1-PED Former men's room, southwest No

Health Sciences Research Facility (HSRF) I

6 Former men's room Yes

Health Sciences Research Facility (HSRF) II

Basement Former men's room Yes

Health Sciences Research Facility (HSRF) III

1 and Ground  Rm. 1102 & L101  No 

Institute of Human Virology

1 N-170 No 

Allied Health Building

Former women's room Yes 
General Research Building 2 Former women's room Yes
Bressler Building 6 Former women's room No
School of Nursing 2 & 4 Rooms 214 and 406 No 
Saratoga Building Ground Rooms 1004 and 1005 Yes
100 N. Greene St. 3 Former men's room No
108 N. Greene St. 1 Former men's room Yes
Carey School of Law 1 M1103, M1104, 185 Yes
School of Social Work 2 Bathroom in west stairwell, room 2W20 Yes
Law and Social Work Ground   Yes
Gray Lab 2 Room 210 No

East Hall 


Room 11 

737 W. Lombard St. 2 Room 209 Yes
Environmental Health and Safety 1 & 2 Rooms 114, 115, 215, 216

No (Former men's room),
Yes (Former women's room)

Health Sciences and Human Services Library   TBD  
620 W. Lexington St. 1 Former men's room Yes
Maryland Bar Center 2 Room 280 No
300 Russell St. 2 Room 208 No

Southern Management Corporation Campus Center

LL, 4 Rooms 013, 015, 406, 408 Yes
School of Dentistry 1 Room 1307 No

Dr. Samuel D. Harris National Museum of Dentistry

3 Former men's room Yes
Pearl Street Garage Ground Room 133 No