Fiama Romero

Fiama RomeroFiama Romero is the program management specialist for the Office of Student Research (OSR) in the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM). 

Romero manages the day-to-day operations of the OSR, maintains its databases and website, facilitates communication with UMSOM faculty and students, and assists with event planning and course administration. She works closely with the associate and assistant deans in the office to develop, implement, and promote new OSR initiatives.

In her prior role as center coordinator for the Ovarian Cancer Institute at Mercy Medical Center, she worked extensively with Healthcare for the Homeless to increase access to specialty care services for people who had no or limited health insurance, but who were at an increased risk of developing a gynecologic cancer.  

Romero believes that access to high-quality, person-centered health care is a right, regardless of one’s race, primary language, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or other factors. Efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in health care organizations are pivotal to ensuring that patients get the care they need and deserve. 

Romero’s commitment to inclusion and diversity motivated her to serve on the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s (UMB) Diversity Advisory Council as the UMSOM staff representative. She is also currently pursuing an MS in Health Science with a dual concentration in Administration and Community Health.