Courtney J. Jones Carney

CJJC - BioCourtney J. Jones Carney began her career at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) as the Assistant Director of Student Services in January 2011.

She became the Director of Interprofessional Student Learning and Service Initiatives (ISLSI) when the department was created in December 2011. In her current role, Jones Carney serves on the Campus Life Services Executive Leadership Team and is responsible for Student Leadership and Development. She is charged with developing, implementing and sustaining comprehensive interprofessional programs and initiatives that relate to leadership development, diversity and inclusion, cultural competence, and career development.

The ISLSI department develops and manages more than 200 programs a year. These programs have provided students, faculty, and staff from various backgrounds an opportunity to take part in the education and celebrations of their cultures. Jones Carney’s office coordinates the Safe Space program, Poverty Simulation, diversity celebrations, President’s Symposium & White Paper Project, the President Student Leadership Institute, I ♥ UMB Day, and countless other initiatives and programs.   

Jones Carney received the 2017 MLK staff Diversity Award in recognition for “providing the community a safe space to discuss sensitive topics of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and culture. … Every day she helps students develop their cultural competency. She gives them the experiences, strategies, and connections they need to be more capable professionals and, as important or more, compassionate human beings.”     

Before joining UMB, Jones Carney worked at Towson University as a Career Advisor (2006-2010) and Morgan State University as an Assistant Academic Coordinator for Student-Athletes (2003-2009). She holds a Doctor of Public Administration degree from University of Baltimore and Master of Business Administration degree from Morgan State University.