2020 DAC Spotlight

Cherita Adams, MBA, MS

Cherita Adams, MBA, MS

August 2020

Visibility and voice are two words that guide the work of Cherita Adams, MBA, MS. The assistant dean for administration and strategic initiatives at the University of Maryland School of Social Work is concerned about the visibility and voice of those without an advocate or platform who might not have an opportunity to be seen or heard.

Prior to coming to the School of Social Work in 2019, Adams was the inaugural career development manager in the Office of Human Resources, tasked with building a culture and climate that encouraged internal career mobility. Adams facilitated career advancement programs and coaching sessions for faculty, staff, and students throughout the University. Her initiatives included computer training classes for environmental services staff, employee internships, community employment pipeline development, leadership coaching programs from women, and training opportunities for staff and faculty throughout the University. In recognition of her leadership and work to make a difference in the lives of staff and faculty throughout the campus for more than five years, Adams received the Diversity Recognition Award as Outstanding UMB Staff member and was honored at the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration for the University of Maryland in 2019.

In 2019, Adams co-chaired the Anti-Racism Task Force at the School of Social Work and published strategic recommendations for moving the school toward becoming an anti-racist institution. She co-developed and co-proposed the #UMBSolidarity initiative, which was implemented by the President’s Office in May 2020. Continuing in her role as a campus leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion work, Adams is co-chairing the Action Advisory Workgroup for the University to advise the President’s Office on anti-racist, diverse, and inclusive initiatives. Adams continues to be a mentor, advocate, and thought partner for staff and faculty across the University and throughout the Baltimore community. The Diversity Advisory Council recognizes Adams as a leader in the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion and appreciates her service and leadership.

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