About The Elm

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The New Elm launched on February 7, 2019. Check it out!

The Elm is a dynamic, community-driven website where faculty, staff, students, and affiliates of the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) can publish, engage with, and access a variety of online content. All are welcome to participate!

New Features

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Dedicated pages for each of UMB’s seven schools

Find content fast for the school at which you work or study:

Dentistry | Graduate | Law | Medicine

Nursing | Pharmacy | Social Work

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Enhanced filters to access the information you need quickly

Sort by school, filter by audience, or select a content tag that most interests you.

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Acknowledge others for their accomplishments

Submit an Accolade for a coworker you appreciate, or to congratulate a student in your lab on their first authorship — big or small, these acknowledgements make a difference!

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Share your perspective on an issue that matters to you

Write a piece for the Voices & Opinions section on any subject, whether it relates to your area of expertise, or is just something you're interested in.

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See all UMB social media activity in one place

Read the conversations happening in real-time across campus, and discover new opportunities or events.

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Elm Weekly has been improved and redesigned

The Universitywide weekly email newsletter, the Elm Weekly, has been redesigned and restructured. All new faculty, staff, affiliates, and students are manually subscribed to the newsletter once their UMID is approved. Please allow 10 business days from your start date.

If you're outside of our campus community, you can subscribe below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit content?

Elm content submissions are now managed through a new interface built in T4, our content management system. Each content type has a separate submission form, since different content has different requirements.

There are five content types in total. You can learn more about each content type's differences, and submit directly below:

Voices & Opinions  Announcements  Calendar Events*  Accolades  Elm Stories

*Calendar Events on the Elm are the same as the Common Calendar. The Common Calendar has simply been rebranded with the Elm design to better integrate it. If you would like to include a Common Calendar event on the Elm Weekly (more information on that below), please submit your event as an Announcement.

What about submitting to the Elm Weekly?

Elm Weekly, UMB's weekly email newsletter, is now pulled from what was published in the previous week on the Elm and marked for inclusion in the Elm Weekly. When submitting Elm content, you now decide whether or not that content should be in the Elm Weekly. Similar to as before, you can select up to three weeks for your content to be in the Elm Weekly. These three weeks, however, are now consecutive, since we anticipate having significantly more content published on a weekly basis. Please continue to plan ahead!

You'll be using the same form to submit, whether your content is for the Elm or Elm Weekly. However, you will be using a specific submission form depending on the content type you want to publish, since each content type has different requirements.

There are four content types in total. You can learn more about each content type's differences, and submit directly below:

Voices & Opinions  Announcements  Accolades  Elm Stories

Structural Changes Have Been Made

Our user-testing across campus informed our redesign of the Elm to better suit UMB's needs. This has affected how we approached redesigning UMB's weekly email newsletter, the Elm Weekly: in order to keep design and content consistent, we have removed the old header structure and reorganized it by school.

Administrative units and distinct departments of the University that do not fall under one school still submit content for inclusion in the Elm Weekly like before. However, content produced by these units now falls under "University Administration" in the Elm Weekly. There are three exceptions to this: the Health Sciences and Human Services Library (HSHSL), Campus Life Services (CLS), and the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) will continue to have their own discrete sections on the Elm Weekly. These decisions are in line with our mission to be "one university" with seven distinct, but connected, schools.

I'd like to provide feedback on the new processes and overall usability/design.

Great! We welcome feedback about both the Elm and Elm Weekly, and our ears are open. Please feel free to submit feedback through the form below, and we'll discuss it and be in touch.

Submit your feedback

I'm not receiving the Elm Weekly. How do I subscribe?

University community members are automatically subscribed to receive the Elm Weekly.

If you have previously unsubscribed and are interested in receiving the newsletter again, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Resubscribe via the subscription form
  2. Watch for a confirmation email from Constant Contact
  3. Click on the link in the confirmation email to update your profile
  4. Click "submit" on the form
  5. After you successfully submit the confirmation form, you will receive a final confirmation/welcome email

If you'd like to subscribe and are not part of the University or with a University affiliate, you can subscribe here.