Build the Site Structure

The first part of building a website is identifying the high-level architecture. In TERMINALFOUR Site Manager this involves building a site structure consisting of sections (folders).

In Site Manager, sections act as folders, and each section consists of content types you've chosen, which contain content you've created. Subsections act as subfolders created under existing sections, and also consist of content types you've chosen with content you've created.

This is how the information architecture (IA) structure is created within Site Manager.

In this video you will learn how to:

  1. Add a new section
  2. Add a new subsection

Don't forget the description!

A section's Description field is output in a description meta tag, which can influence search results. This description may be used as a part of the snippet shown in search results, so it must have correct spelling and grammar, must use complete sentences, and must accurately represent the contents of the page.

A screenshot of a section's Description field