Editor Buttons

ButtonName Description 
Clear document Clear document Clears existing content from the editor
Bold Bold Changes the text to bold
Italics Italics Changes the text to italics
Underline Underline Underlines the text
Align left Align left Justifies the text to the left
Align center Align center Justifies the text to the center
Align right Align right Justifies the text to the right
Align full Align full Justifies the entire text
Styles Styles Allows you to apply custom styles
Paragraph Paragraph Text format options for headings, paragraphs, etc.
Copy Copy Copies text to the clipboard
Cut Cut Cuts text and places it on the clipboard
Paste Paste Pastes content from the clipboard
Paste plain text Paste plain text Pastes text in plain text format
Paste plain Word Paste plain Word Pastes text with Word formatting
Select All Select all Selects all content
Insert web link Insert web link Inserts a web link or links to an anchor
Unlink Unlink Removes a link
Insert/edit anchors Insert/edit anchors Allows you to set anchors
Edit HTML source Edit HTML source Allows you to edit the HTML
Find Find Allows you to search for words
Find/replace Find/replace Finds and replaces words in the text
Unordered list Unordered list Inserts a bulleted list
Ordered list Ordered list Inserts a numbered list
Indent Indent Indents the selected text
Outdent Outdent Outdents the selected text
Block quote Block quote Defines a block quotation within a text
undo Undo For undoing the last change
Redo Redo For redoing the last change undone
Citation Citation Inserts a citation
Abbreviation Abbreviation Inserts an abbreviation
Insert horizontal rule Insert horizontal rule Inserts horizontal rule
Subscript Subscript Changes text to subscript
Superscript Superscript Changes text to superscript
Insert custom character Insert custom character Allows you to insert a custom character
Enlarge editor Enlarge editor Maximizes the editor
Insert section link Insert section link Allows you to insert a link to a section
Insert content link Insert content link Allows you to insert a link to a piece of content
Insert Media Insert media Insert item from Media Library
Spell check Spell check Executes a spell check
Remove all formatting Remove all formatting Removes text formatting
Insert new table Insert new table Allows you to insert an accessible table into your content
Table row properties Table row properties Displays the properties for a row
Table cell properties Table cell properties Allows you to view cell properties
Insert new row before Insert new row before Inserts a new row before the one selected
Insert new row after Insert new row after Inserts a new row after the one selected
Delete row Delete row Deletes the row selected
Insert new column before Insert new column before Inserts a new column before the column selected
Insert new column after Insert new column after Inserts a new column after the column selected
Delete Column Delete column Deletes the column selected
Merge cells Merge cells Joins two cells together to make one cell
Split cell in two Split cell in two Divides one cell into two individual cells