Embedding Calendar Feeds

Event feeds from the Common Calendar can be embedded on your web pages. Feeds come in two basic flavors - event list and calendar box.

Event List

12:00 AM | Southwest Baltimore Register voters and Get Out the Vote (GOTV) among Southwest Baltimore residents with teams from UMB and local leaders.
9:00 AM | HSFIII, 670 W. Baltimore St. This workshop provides a basic introduction to three aspects of programming as applied to bioinformatics: Python, databases, and R. No prior programming experience is expected or required.
9:00 AM | Four Seasons Baltimore - 200 International Drive, Baltimore, MD, 21202 IHV2018 convenes a renowned joint symposium with the GVN to address virus threats & cancer. This year the scope has expanded significantly & includes two anniversaries.

Calendar Box

To embed a feed:

To add a feed to one of your pages, add an instance of the Common Calendar Feed content type to the section in T4. Remember that you must first enable the content type for your section, if it has not already been enabled. There are two versions of the Common Calendar Feed content type:

Common Calendar Feed (Import URL)Common Calendar Feed (PHP)

You must republish the page this feed appears on to update the feed with the latest changes to the Common Calendar.

This feed will be automatically updated to reflect the latest changes to the Common Calendar, without needing to republish the page it appears on.

This feed does not require PHP. If your templates have PHP enabled, we recommend using Common Calendar Feed (PHP) instead.

PHP must be enabled in the page template in order to use this version of the feed. All templates for the main University site have PHP enabled.

Each school's developers are welcome to make their own duplicates of the Common Calendar Feed content types, which they can customize to suit their own page layouts.

Components of Common Calendar Feed

The name of the piece of content. This name is for internal use only and will not be visible on the page.

The URL of the Common Calendar with desired parameters. Read more.


To ensure the calendar is formatted properly, JQuery must be enabled on your page.


CSS styles applied to your page can affect the embedded calendars. This means that a developer can customize the calendar that will appear on your page by adding custom CSS styles, but it also means that your page’s CSS might interfere with the calendar and cause it to display incorrectly. We reccomend that you inform CommunicationsWeb@umaryland.edu the first time you embed a common calendar feed, so that we may review it for display errors and modify our Common Calendar stylesheet if necessary.

Please do not alter the Common Calendar stylesheet in the umaryland.edu folder for any reason.