UMB Social Media Committee

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The University wide Social Media Committee was established in June 2018. The committee includes volunteer members from a cross-section of the University community, representing all schools and several UMB departments. The committee meets bimonthly, with additional online collaboration between meetings.

The purpose of the UMB Social Media Committee is to collaborate across all schools and departments to develop a shared social strategy; facilitate two-way communication about social media initiatives; share ideas and strategies to promote social engagement; and encourage social participation across schools and departments.

Membership is open to all University staff. To join the Social Media Committee, please contact Charles Schelle.

Join the Social Media Committee on Microsoft Teams

  • In the Social Media Committee Teams group, you will find resources in the FILES section.
  • Join a conversation in one of the Channels to focus a conversation about a particular social media platform.
  • You will find information about the latest university-wide social media campaigns and events to promote on your social media channels, such as Town Halls, Founders Week, Commencement, the #UMBTogether campaign and more!
  • You can ask questions directly or to others by mentioning @SocialMediaCommittee in Teams.

If you need to be added to the Social Media Committee on Teams, please email Charles Schelle.