The “B” is back. Does that mean that my school name has changed?

No, the “B” is back in the name of the University, but not in the names of our schools. It was always there, but you were told not to use it. We are glad to say that it is back for good.

What about the University seal? I thought that was our logo. Has it gone away?

Similar to many other higher education institutions, our seal is used for official, legal, and ceremonial purposes such as commencement. In the past, our seal was used as our logo, but our seal is not our logo and will only be used when special permission is given by the Office of Communications and Public Affairs.

I still have a stack of business cards that uses the University seal. Do I need to recycle these?

Yes. Please recycle any and all stationery that includes the University seal. To order correctly branded stationery, please contact the University’s approved print vendor, Strategic Factory. Its team will provide you access to an online branded stationery portal to place orders for business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and numerous other materials.

Who makes decisions regarding our brand?

We all do. The Office of Communications and Public Affairs is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the UMB brand and implementing its execution based on the recommendations provided by various teams that have been formed at the University. Some of these teams include:

  • Executive Leadership Committee
  • Brand Steering Committee
  • Communications Council
  • Strategic Plan Two-Way Communication committee and subcommittees
  • Brand Ambassadors

If you would like to be more involved, contact Laura Kozak, associate vice president, Communications and Public Affairs.

All of these changes sound expensive. How is this being funded and is it necessary?

Investing in our brand will help us to make great strides in all that we do at UMB. When our brand is recognized and supported, our community wants to work here, wants to go to school here, seeks care here, gets advice from us, and wants to be involved with us. The University and each school have funds budgeted to champion our brand.

How long is this branding campaign going to last?

We are dedicated to the UMB brand, and it will always require cultivation and evaluation. The University has made a long-term commitment to champion our brand, just as many of you have made a long-term commitment to your education, careers, and service to your community. Our branding campaign will evolve over time, but it will never go away.

Do we have a mascot? Are we the University of Maryland Terrapins?

We do not have a mascot. The Maryland Terrapin is the mascot of one of our partners, the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP). Together, UMB and UMCP are part of the University System of Maryland, which includes 12 institutions:

    University of Maryland, Baltimore — founded in 1807
    University of Maryland, College Park — founded in 1856
    Bowie State University — founded in 1865
    Towson University — founded in 1866
    University of Maryland, Eastern Shore — founded in 1886
    Frostburg State University — founded in 1898
    Coppin State University — founded in 1900
    Salisbury University — founded in 1925
    University of Baltimore — founded in 1925
    University of Maryland University College — founded in 1947
    University of Maryland, Baltimore County — founded in 1966
    University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences — founded in 1925

And two regional higher education centers:

    The Universities at Shady Grove
    University System of Maryland at Hagerstown

There has been a lot of side talk about a UMB mascot but no organized effort to date.

How was the graphic icon of our logo developed?

The architecture of Davidge Hall was the inspiration for the icon portion of the UMB logo. Davidge Hall was constructed in 1812 and named after its founder and first dean, John Beale Davidge. Davidge Hall is the oldest medical school building in continuous use in the Western Hemisphere and is located at the intersection of South Greene Street and West Lombard Street.

In 2010, when the University of Maryland, Baltimore and the University of Maryland Medical Center joined forces to develop a new unified identity, SPM Marketing & Communications, located in Chicago, was contracted to assist in its development. SPM is a premier academic health care and hospital marketing agency in the country.

I have a great idea about how to use our identity and logo to market my program. Do I need permission to use the logo?

We’re sure you have noticed the increased use of our identity and logo throughout the University community. From branded vehicles and the Seven Scholars University Store to the new building identification signage, our identity can be used in many ways to build and enhance our brand experience. Do you need permission to use the logo? Yes, you must seek approval from the Office of Communications and Public Affairs (CPA). CPA strategically champions the University of Maryland, Baltimore and promotes your successes and those of UMB faculty, staff, and students. For brand approvals, contact Laura Kozak, associate vice president, Communications and Public Affairs.