Our students, faculty, and staff are our brand and deliver a brand experience to our community through advertising, marketing, public relations, customer service, and visual identity.

Our Brand

A brand identity is more than a logo or a set of colors. A brand incudes how we interact with our community. Our community consists of the general public, patients and their families, health professionals, prospective students, alumni, donors, and friends. How these constituents interpret the UMB brand experience builds our reputation.

By sharing our pride in the University with our community, we build our reputation and encourage quick recognition among our community. When people hear about the University of Maryland, Baltimore, they will recognize us and know who we are.

When they hear or experience great things about us, they support us, want to work here, want to go to school here, seek care here, get advice from us, want to get involved with us, and see us as experts. Most important, they share our stories and become a part of the UMB brand experience.

Brand Approvals

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs must approve all uses of University logos, including each school logo before a project is printed, published, or produced.

Send PDF proofs to Hope Wallace, Senior Marketing Specialist, Communications and Public Affairs, for approval.


Foundations of Excellence

Our Tagline: Foundations of Excellence

Our tagline is a part of our visual identity and relates to our history. We are the founding campus of the University System of Maryland, and the word excellence denotes the best of the best.

Nothing but the best will do when we teach students, treat patients, or advance science. As the state’s public health, law, and human services university, we have a responsibility to set the standard by which others are measured. We are devoted to excellence in professional and graduate education, research, patient care, and public service: excellence in the craft of teaching, excellence in learning, excellence in scholarship, excellence in customer service, excellence in our interactions with one another, internally and externally. We strive to perform at the highest levels with a commitment to continual improvement.

Excellence is our foundation and enhances the UMB brand experience.

Living our Core Values

Our Core Values

At UMB, we are driven by our core values. They embrace the spirit, philosophy, and daily business and educational practices of our University. The University of Maryland, Baltimore’s seven core values are emblematic of our seven schools and are always at the heart of our mission. They help to position the institution’s academic programs and its operating philosophy. The core values invigorate UMB’s commitment to its internal and external constituents while supporting global enhancement and social progress.

Our core values are tied to our tagline — Foundations of Excellence.

The University is built on:



Access our Logos and Templates page to see all of UMB's files related to our schools, associated centers, programs, and institutes. Be sure to have your UMID and Password ready.

Before using any logos or templates, check out our Brand Style Guide PDF as a reference for how they should be used.

Having a branding challenge? Share it with us. We are here to help and are confident that we can find a solution that meets University brand standards.

Our Fonts

Trajan Pro | Times New Roman | Gotham | Gotham Narrow | Calisto | Franklin Gothic | Arial

Our Logo

University of Maryland, Baltimore

Our Visual Identity

Our visual identity is how we strategically and consistently share our stories and pride using specific words, logos, colors, and fonts in our advertising, marketing, public relations, and customer service.

Our Colors

Primary Palette

    Coated CMYK         Uncoated CMYK          RGB            Hex Code


 PMS 186 2 100 85 6  1 91 72 3 200 16 46  #C8102E 


 PMS 116 0 14 100 0   0 19 100 0  255 205 0  #FFCD00


 Black 0 0 0 100  0 0 0 100 44 42 41   #2C2A29


Secondary Palette

     PMS                Coated/Uncoated CMYK        RGB               Hex Code

Blue 634 U 100 0 9 40 0 118 152 #007698
Slate 5415 U 42 8 0 40 93 135 161 #5d87a1
Gray 7544 U 10 1 0 40 149 160 169 #95a0a9
Charcoal 7540 U 0 10 0 72 105 106 109 #696a6d
Plum 7449 U 72 100 77 40 73 24 45 #49182d
Forest Green 5743 U 33 0 85 82 51 70 13 #33460d
Sea Green 577 U 24 0 46 10 180 204 149 #b4cc95
Tan 7503 U 0 12 35 25 200 177 139 #c8b18b