UMB SAFE on Campus System for Monitoring COVID-19 Privacy Notice

The UMB SAFE system is an automated health tracking system to be used by all members of the UMB community who are or plan to be on a UMB campus, at any time during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The SAFE on Campus program will apply to all students, faculty and staff, whether working or assigned to the main UMB campus or to other locations in the City, Maryland, or elsewhere in the United States, as part of UMB employment or academic responsibilities.  The word “campus” should not be interpreted to mean only the buildings on the main campus in Baltimore.

Data Collection

SAFE data is input directly by UMB employees and students every day. SAFE collects essential information necessary to identify individuals who may present a COVID-19 health and safety risk to the UMB campus community.

SAFE also collects COVID laboratory test results when the test results are uploaded directly to SAFE by the individual.

SAFE collects information from UMB occupational and student health workers who are responsible for following up with individuals about symptoms. UMB workers may record health and demographic information in SAFE.

Individual Compliance

Individuals who choose not to participate in the SAFE system daily monitoring or who do not follow SAFE system directions for action upon detection of a health risk are not authorized to be on the UMB campus until the President of UMB determines the COVID-19 pandemic risk no longer requires use of the SAFE tracking system and SAFE safety protocols. Individuals must also comply with all workplace and school policies and procedures applicable to being absent from work and school. You must contact your UMB supervisor (employee) or school representative (student) directly to make arrangements for your absence from campus.


The purpose of the SAFE system is to effectively detect COVID-19 health risk on a daily basis. When the SAFE system algorithm detects a potential risk, the SAFE system automatically sends an alert to the reporting employee or student and instructions for appropriate action that must be taken for health and safety purposes before the individual is safe to be on campus. SAFE will also automatically inform the reporting individual’s UMB supervisor (employee) or school representative (student) and a UMB occupational or student health worker.

Your Response to a SAFE Alert

A SAFE alert will provide directions for the actions you need to take. When you are told to stay off campus, a SAFE system automatic alert will go to your supervisor (employee) or school representative (student). You must also promptly contact your UMB supervisor or school representative directly to confirm they have received the alert and to make arrangements for your absence. You must also comply with all workplace and school policies and procedures applicable to being absent from work and school.

Use and Disclosure of Your Information

SAFE information may be used by appropriate UMB academic and operational units and may be disclosed to UMB affiliates including University of Maryland Medical System entities such as UMaryland Immediate Care; to UMB Faculty Practice Inc. entities; to UMB Business Associates such as the COVID Hotline service provider; and to clinical and experiential training sites, public health authorities, and others to the extent necessary to support legitimate UMB health, safety, educational and workplace operations purposes.

SAFE data, in de-identified form, may be used and disclosed to others for research purposes with appropriate Institutional Review Board approval.

SAFE System Contacts

SAFE data is maintained by University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Questions about the SAFE system, see: Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Information About SAFE

Applicable laws and policies include the following: