UMB SAFE on Campus: Screen Your Symptoms

Keep yourself and the UMB community safe and healthy from COVID-19 by being SAFE on Campus!

All UMB faculty, staff, and students must register and complete the UMB Symptom Assessment For Employees (and Students) on Campus (SAFE on Campus) daily health screening prior to coming to campus.

For the purpose of employees, the SAFE on Campus daily symptom monitoring applies to UMB people doing UMB work with other people, including at non-UMB owned work sites. The University of Maryland Medical Center has expressed its agreement to have clinical faculty complete the daily SAFE on Campus form.

In about a minute, you can complete the daily screening via email.

Once registered, those who are strictly online or working/learning remotely for the near future may request a pause in their daily reminders to document their symptoms.

The only people not required to complete the daily screenings are students and employees who have an approved pause — set to a maximum of three months. Note that those who visit the campus intermittently only need to answer a single question — Are you planning to be on campus? — on days they are working or studying remotely. So, on these days, they do not need to document anything about symptoms.

Students and employees on an approved pause from the SAFE daily monitoring emails, but need to make an infrequent or one-time visit to campus, will instead complete the Episodic Symptom Monitoring Report Form, even if it is for a trip to campus for 15 minutes or less.

How does it work?

  • Complete the SAFE on Campus registration link sent via email from
  • Indicate if you are coming to campus today or not.
    • If you’re not coming to campus, you’re finished after the first question!
  • If you are coming to campus, continue the brief screening asking about COVID-19 symptoms, risk factors and known exposure.
  • Check your email for a message to learn whether you are cleared to come to campus.
  • If you’re not cleared to come to campus, call the SAFE on Campus COVID-19 Hotline at 1-800-701-9863.

The SAFE on Campus form also allows you to:

  • Upload your latest COVID-19 diagnostic test
  • Share your latest COVID-19 vaccinationan dosage and side effects.

If you do not use SAFE on Campus but you want to share your COVID-19 vaccination information, please use this form.

Anyone who has technical difficulties with registering or submitting the form should call the Center for Information Technology (CITS) Help Desk at 410-706-HELP.

UMB SAFE on Campus System for Monitoring COVID-19 Privacy Notice

How to use SAFE on Campus

How do I pause the SAFE on Campus form if I won’t be on campus for an extended period?

The SAFE on Campus daily symptom monitoring form has a question that allows you to request a change in your monitoring: Do you need to request a record modification or pause of daily symptom monitoring? 

When you answer yes, you will be given a choice of which type of modification you need: Pause Daily Symptom Monitoring, Change Contact Information, Change Supervisor, or Other. 

If you need to pause the form for things such as teleworking or vacation, choose Pause Daily Symptom Monitoring. You will be asked to choose the day you want the pause to start. You will then be asked to pick a future date to restart the notifications.

At the end of your pause period, you will begin to get the reminders to fill out the form again and will need to request another pause.

Once you request a pause, you and your supervisor will receive an email. (If you are a supervisor and agree to the change, you do not need to do anything. If the request should not be approved, email

I need to come to campus but my SAFE emails are paused. What do I do?

Employees and students who have paused their SAFE daily symptom monitoring should use the Episodic Symptom Monitoring Report Form if they need to come into work or to attend school activities on a one-time or infrequent basis during a longer period of remote working or learning.

If you need to start receiving SAFE daily symptom monitoring emails again, send an email to This is also an option in case the Episodic Symtpm Monitoring Report Form isn't available.

Required Online Course

In addition to the daily health screening, faculty, staff, and students are required to complete a one-time online COVID-19 health safety course. If you already completed the UMB COVID-19 Research Safety course, you are not required to complete the COVID-19 Safe in the Workplace employee training or the COVID-19 Safe on Campus student course. 

This course is not a training module about how to use the SAFE Daily Health Screening platform. However, the content helps achieve the same goal of being aware of COVID-19 symptoms and exposure.

Students should complete the COVID-19 Safe on Campus course via Blackboard prior to returning to campus for any reason. You will see the course, “COVID-19 Safe on Campus” (along with the name of your school in parentheses) listed under your courses.

Faculty members should visit this UMB COVID-19 Safe in the Workplace training link, or log into the UMB Learning Management System (LMS) and search for the training by title.

Staff should visit this UMB COVID-19 Safe in the Workplace training link, or log into the UMB Learning Management System (LMS) and search for the training by title.

Students should complete the COVID-19 Safe on Campus via Blackboard. Watch for an email containing a link to the course.

SAFE on Campus FAQs