Recovery Task Force

A Recovery Task Force (RTF) will guide UMB’s efforts to restore our maximum capacity to teach, research, care, serve, and operate by taking incremental steps through near-, mid-, and long-term recovery. The goal is not to return to “normal,” but instead to reposition UMB for a better future post-COVID-19.

  • The RTF will have focus areas, each guided by a leader and deputy leader appointed by the president.
  • Each focus area team will include appropriate school and department representatives, and will meet regularly.
  • Each dean and vice president will hold meetings as appropriate with their representatives on the focus area teams to share information and decisions, as well as identify issues, school/department needs, and priorities.
  • The representatives will bring information from their department/school meetings back to their respective focus areas to aid in planning.
  • RTF focus area leaders will periodically report during a meeting of the Crisis Management Advisory Group (CMAG), deans, and vice presidents.