COVID-19 Signage Toolbox

UMB's COVID-19 Signage Toolbox  is intended to provide signage options to give visual cues about new COVID-19-related behavioral guidelines and expectations for the UMB community.

To order printed signs, please email a completed COVID Communication Signage Order Form to, and include the following:

  • Contact name, number, and email address
  • Shipping address
  • PO # and/or billing information

The All COVID-19 Communication Signage also are available to download and print yourself.

Customizable Templates

While these items cover many situations and scenarios, customizable templates also have been included so schools/departments can create specific messaging while adhering to the Office of Communications and Public Affairs' (CPA) basic design standards.

The CPA Covid Sign Templates are available as Word documents, which may be downloaded and printed yourself.

Please do not stretch or alter the logo in any way. For more specific information on general CPA design standards, please visit the CPA Toolbox.

The items in the COVID-19 Signage Toolbox are continuously updated to meet your needs.

Special Order Signage

Unit-specific signage is available for Facilities, Environmental Health Services, building managers, etc.

  • Some links below contain different versions of the sign shown below (ex. One Way arrow points in different directions).
  • To request signage not reflected here or to obtain these signage documents in an alternate format, please contact
  • To create your own signage, please use one of the UMB-branded templates available above.