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Electronic Signature

Electronic Signature featuring COVID-19 safety messages

Download this graphic to help share the word about steps to stop the spread of COVID-19.

To download, right-click on the image, and save to your desktop.

Follow these instructions to add an image to your email signature in the Outlook desktop app:


  1. Open a new message and then select Signature > Signatures.

  2. In the Select signature to edit box, choose the signature you want to add a logo or image to.

  3. Select the Image icon, locate your image file, and select Insert.

  4. To resize your image, right-click the image, then choose Picture. Select the Size tab and use the options to resize your image. To keep the image proportions, make sure to keep the Lock aspect ratiocheckbox checked.

  5. When you're done, select OK, then select OK again to save the changes to your signature.


For Outlook web app in Office 365, follow these instructions.