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August 09, 2020Who Should Complete the SAFE Health Screening?Anyone who is planning to visit campus or a UMB operated facility must complete the SAFE Daily Health Screening. This includes reasons beyond solely reporting for work or attending classes including — but not limited to — going to the Health Sciences/Human Services Library, the Campus Center, or the URecFit facilities, after they open.
August 09, 2020Who Should Not Complete the Daily Screening?Everyone must register with SAFE. Managers and schools are identifying employees and students who should not receive the daily health screening because they are determined to be teleworking or learning remotely.
August 09, 2020Do I Have to Register or Complete the Daily Health Screening if I Am Teleworking or Learning Remotely?Everybody must register for SAFE on Campus. Employees who are teleworking and students who are learning remotely can request a pause; the pause is set to a maximum of three months. The supervisor and student school contact will have visibility so they can object to the pause or reactivate paused reminders.
August 09, 2020Do I Have to Reregister with SAFE if I registered during a pilot or testing phase?Yes. Researchers, students, employees and those involved in the School of Nursing pilot must register with SAFE using a new link sent to their inbox from
August 09, 2020What Time Do I Receive the Daily Health Screening?Once employees and students register, they will receive a COVID-19 Symptom Screening Form at 4 a.m. every day. They will receive another daily reminder if they have not filled it out by 9 a.m.
August 09, 2020How Do I Help Students and Employees Who Need Accommodations?Employees and students who do not have access to cell phones, computers, or tablets will work with their supervisors or student school contact on an alternative screening method. The University is also working on access for individuals with disabilities.
August 09, 2020How Should I Answer About My Symptoms If I Have a Preexisting or Chronic Condition?This screening program is designed to identify new symptoms that may represent COVID-19, and those completing the form should not document chronic symptoms or recurrent symptoms related to other diagnosed medical conditions.
August 09, 2020Who Receives My Health Information?The system will copy your supervisor or school contact as well as UMB Occupational Health (for employees) or Student Health (for students) if you have reported symptoms.
August 09, 2020Do I Have To Show My Cleared For Campus Email To Someone When Entering A Building?There is no campuswide plan to require showing your response to the symptom screening form to enter buildings; however, individual programs or areas may require you to show your response to site supervisors who were not already copied
August 09, 2020What Happens If I’m Not Scheduled To Work, Don’t Have Classes or Am Away?Employees and students can ignore the email on weekends if they do not come to campus, and will be able to “pause” the email for vacations or other planned absences.
August 09, 2020What is the Exposure or Illness Report Form?Employees and students who report symptoms via SAFE on Campus or know they have been exposed will also be asked to fill out an Exposure or Illness Report Form to help UMB track cases and notify others who may be at risk of contracting COVID-19.
August 09, 2020What Emails Will Supervisors Receive For The Daily Screening?Supervisors should have received the Managers Guide To Returning To Campus from Human Resource Services. That document outlines steps for assisting employees to register for the monitoring system including how to pause e-mails.
August 07, 2020What type of COVID-19 test must I get?You must get a COVID-19 diagnostic test. This type of test will show if you have an active coronavirus infection. Currently there are two types of diagnostic tests: molecular tests, such as RT-PCR tests, that detect the virus’s genetic material and antigen tests that detect specific proteins on the surface of the virus.
August 07, 2020What does a positive result mean?A positive result means that you have a current COVID-19 infection and are contagious to others. If you test positive, you should NOT come to the UMB campus, even if you are not experiencing any symptoms.
August 07, 2020What does a negative result mean?A negative test result means that the virus that causes COVID-19 was not found in your sample. If a person is experiencing illness symptoms at the time the sample was collected, this usually means that COVID-19 did not cause the illness.
August 07, 2020How can I help to prevent the spread of COVID-19?Keep a safe distance (at least 6 feet apart) from others, avoid touching your mouth and eyes, and more.
August 07, 2020If I have been on the UMB campus and was already tested for COVID-19, do I need to be tested again?A previous negative COVID-19 test result from a test done on or after July 15, 2020 meets the new testing requirement if you have been working on campus since that time.
August 07, 2020I had a COVID-19 diagnostic test taken within 14 days prior to returning to campus; however, there is significant delay in receiving my test results. Can I return to campus to participate in-person classes, educational activities, and/or starting work while I await my results? It is expected that students and employees must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 diagnostic test result prior to returning to campus to participate in-person classes, educational activities, and/or starting work. Exceptions can be considered if special circumstances apply that delay a person’s ability to obtain their test result and therefore their ability to submit proof of a negative COVID-19 diagnostic test result.
August 07, 2020Are contractors or non-UMB visitors required to be tested prior to working at UMB? UMB expects all contractors working on campus to have effective COVID-19 safety plans in place. However, at this time UMB is not requiring contractors to submit documentation of COVID-19 test results for their employees.
August 07, 2020Will UMB cover insurance co-payments?There is free COVID-19 testing offered in the State of Maryland. With Affordable Care Act-compliant health insurance, there are no co-pays for a COVID-19 test. Therefore, UMB will not cover any medical costs associated with COVID-19 testing for students or employees.
August 07, 2020When must a student be tested prior to returning to in-person classes, educational activities, or moving in to UMB Housing?Students already on the UMB campus for in-person classes and/or who reside in UMB housing (Fayette Square Apartments and Pascault Row) are expected to be tested for COVID-19 prior to Monday, August 17, 2020.
August 07, 2020Will UMB provide on campus COVID-19 testing?UMB is looking into additional testing opportunities and will publicize them when and if available. However, students and employees should not wait to be tested unless they have been directly informed of a specific test option for them.
August 07, 2020If I am not travelling to the UMB campus do I still need to report to UMB if I get COVID-19 or if I get exposed to COVID-19?No
August 07, 2020I had a COVID-19 diagnostic test taken within 14 days prior to returning to campus; and there is significant delay in receiving my test results. Can I return to campus while I await my results?It is expected that students and employees must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 diagnostic test result prior to returning to campus to participate in-person classes, educational activities, and/or starting work. Exceptions can be considered if special circumstances apply that delay a person’s ability to obtain their test result, and therefore their ability to submit proof of a negative COVID-19 diagnostic test result.
August 07, 2020Can I submit a positive COVID-19 antibodies test in place of a negative COVID-19 diagnostic test? No
August 07, 2020I have previously tested positive for COVID-19, do I need another test?No. A person who has previously tested positive for COVID-19 may use clearance from a physician to return to UMB.
August 07, 2020What is the deadline for getting my COVID-19 test if I have already been working or conducting research (this includes faculty, staff, postdocs) on the UMB campus? UMB expects that those already coming to work be tested no later than August 17, 2020.
August 07, 2020When must I be tested if I have not been working on the UMB campus?Anyone scheduled to resume work on campus must have a negative COVID-19 diagnostic test taken no more than 14 days prior to the scheduled / planned date of return.
August 07, 2020Am I required to stay home pending test results? If you are working on the UMB campus, and do not have symptoms of COVID-19, you may continue to work pending the results of the test. If you have not been working on campus, you must wait until you are tested for COVID-19 before you may come to campus.
August 07, 2020Am I allowed to be tested during working hours?Employees should be permitted to do their COVID-19 test on work time. Employees should work with their supervisor to determine a mutually convenient time to be tested for COVID-19.
August 07, 2020Can I be reimbursed for travel expenses such as parking for testing?At your department or supervisors discretion, employees may seek reimbursement for travel related expenses through the business travel reimbursement process.
August 07, 2020Can students currently in UMB housing remain while awaiting their test result?Yes.
August 07, 2020Do family members living in University housing also need to be tested? Yes.
July 31, 2020Is there a cost to employees (exempt or non-exempt) to have testing prior to coming back on campus?In many circumstances, tests are provided at no out-of-pocket cost to individuals. However, individuals should contact their health plan provider prior to receiving a COVID-19 test to determine whether testing is covered by the plan in their circumstance.
July 31, 2020What if I’ve been exposed?Exposure can come in a variety of forms. All COVID-19 exposure must be reported.
July 31, 2020Where can I get tested for COVID-19?Please call your medical provider or UMaryland Immediate Care at 667-214-1899. The Maryland Department of Health updates its list and map of COVID-19 test sites each Monday.
July 26, 2020What does a COVID-19 antibody test tell us?The short answer is that a positive antibody test only tells you that you have been previously infected with COVID19. We can not say anything else about it and it absolutely does not mean that you are protected from infection if you get exposed again.
July 22, 2020How often will the common areas at UMB be cleaned and how thorough will the housekeepers clean? UMB Environmental Services (EVS) staff will be providing enhanced cleaning and disinfection services that align with the guidance provided by campus leadership and the Recovery Task Force.
July 15, 2020Do I have to be tested at a UMB-designated testing site? No. If you have no symptoms compatible with COVID-19 and want to be tested after out-of-state travel, we ask that you use one of many options listed below. You should not contact the COVID-19 Hotline for travel-related COVID-19 Testing.
July 14, 2020What if I live in a surrounding state and travel to Maryland for work? Should I be tested?Out-of-state travel to and from work is covered under the UMB/University of Maryland Medical System travel policy. It is not recommended that you be tested if you have no symptoms and did not come into close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days.
July 14, 2020What if I travel only within Maryland? Do I have to be tested?If you do not leave the state, you do not need to be tested, provided you don’t have any COVID-19 symptoms and did not come into close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days.
July 14, 2020Can you please clarify the suggestion that Marylanders who travel out of state should get a COVID test upon return?The Maryland Department of Health order states that Marylanders who travel out of state "should" get tested, but there is no legal requirement to do so.
July 07, 2020How likely am I to be exposed to aerosol contamination? I have been self-quarantining in my apartment for four months, only going to the hall, elevator, and mail boxes. I do not wear a mask because there are usually no people in those places. While there is robust scientific debate on the relative importance of smaller droplet sizes that can carry the COVID-19 virus (aka aerosol-sized droplet transmission), it is probably a low risk situation for a person that only briefly is in hallways, elevators, and retrieving mail from the mailroom. However, that is only true if the person is alone in these small areas.
July 07, 2020How long will episodic telework under the COVID-19 Telework Policy last?For most UMB employees, mandatory telework under the COVID-19 Telework Policy will continue through the summer and beyond. UMB will continue to monitor the environment and provide additional information as the situation changes.
July 07, 2020What do I do while Maryland schools, day care centers, or summer camps are closed and I need to take care of my kids? Employees are reassigned to telework, and the normal restrictions related to telework are waived under the COVID-19 Telework Policy (e.g., related to the presence of children). If an employee can’t telework because they need to supervise a dependent child or other family member during a COVID-19-related school or day care closure, they are permitted to use sick leave.
July 06, 2020Are there any requirements for when I return to the U.S. from international travel? The CDC advises all travelers to stay home for 14 days following their return from international travel. Please stay at home for 14 days prior to coming to UMB premises.
July 06, 2020I am an international student. How can I defer my admission to a future term?Please contact your school’s admissions office and inquire about the options for program deferral. Once you decide, please email so we can update our records.
July 06, 2020I am a new international student admitted for fall 2020. Can I start my studies online?You are permitted to begin your studies online from outside the United States. Please contact your school or program to learn about their fall 2020 course plans and let OIS know if you decide to enroll online.
July 06, 2020Do I have to travel back to my home country?No, you do not have to travel back to your home country if you do not wish to do so. International students who are participating in their courses can remain in the United States.
July 06, 2020I want to travel back to my home country to continue my studies. Can I do so?UMB is discouraging all travel at this time. However, we recognize that there may be important reasons for international students to return to their home countries. If you plan to travel, we ask that you complete our Travel Reporting and Signature request and set up an appointment with an OIS staff member. You can do both things by logging into Sunapsis.
July 06, 2020I traveled back to my home country to continue my studies. Who should I notify?If you already departed the United States, we ask that you please fill out the Travel Reporting and Signature e-form in Sunapsis. You should also notify your student affairs dean or program coordinator if you have not already done so.
July 06, 2020I am a current international student experiencing financial difficulties related to COVID-19. Can the University help me with unforeseen expenses related to COVID-19?International students can request financial assistance through their schools’ student emergency fund. Please contact your student affairs dean's office to find out how to request emergency funding.
July 06, 2020Can I conduct human subjects research and clinical service delivery at international sites?Research and service delivery at international sites is guided by the UMB phased research plan adopted June 23, 2020. As of July 2, 2020, the University is at Stage 0 for clinical research (preparation stage). Check plan for guidelines and instructions.
July 06, 2020How do I get in touch with the Office of International Services (OIS) if I have questions?OIS staff are here to help you, even though we are working remotely. International postdocs and faculty who need assistance from OIS staff can email the office and submit requests for visa services or appointments with OIS staff in Sunapsis.
July 06, 2020I am an international postdoc or faculty member. Can I travel outside the United States?We do not recommend international travel at this time. Visa services at U.S. embassies and consulates worldwide have been suspended. In addition, there are CDC entry restrictions on return travel from several countries.
July 06, 2020Can I extend an international postdoc past the five-year limit on postdoctoral fellow appointments? UMB will allow narrow case-by-case exceptions to be made to the five-year postdoc limit if the exception is due to COVID-19-related circumstances.
July 06, 2020I am a faculty member, department chair, or dean who hires international postdoctoral fellows and faculty. Can I hire international postdocs and faculty?Prospective international faculty and postdocs who are currently in the United States can be hired in most circumstances. In general, UMB can pursue visa sponsorship for individuals who are currently in the United States who need an employment visa to start or continue work at UMB.
July 04, 2020What restrictions are in place for domestic out-of-state travel, including personal travel?This week, the Maryland secretary of health issued guidance stating that those who travel outside Maryland should be tested for COVID-19 upon their return.
June 26, 2020What should I do if I feel ill?Anyone who presents symptoms compatible with a COVID-19 or flu-like illness (fever, cough, or shortness of breath and other respiratory viruses) should not be on UMB’s campus and should seek guidance from a health care provider.
June 19, 2020When will URecFit reopen?We are diligently working on our reopening plan. However, at this time we do not yet have a date to reopen the facility.
June 18, 2020Do I have to wear a mask if I am alone in a room? No. If you are alone in a room working at a microscope or some other piece of equipment, with the door closed, you do not have to wear your mask.
June 18, 2020Can the virus be spread through the air ducts? No, the virus is not spread via the HVAC system.
June 18, 2020Can I eat lunch with my lab mates if we are fewer than 10 people? No. Evidence is emerging that a major route of transmission in the workplace is between people having lunch together.
June 18, 2020Who can I talk to if I have a concern about health safety? If you are concerned that a co-worker's or a supervisor’s behavior is creating a health concern, speak to them politely. You may also speak with your supervisor or chair/director about these concerns.
June 18, 2020Will hand-sanitizing stations be available? Yes. Additional hand sanitizers were installed at the entrances to most buildings.
June 18, 2020Why are we not measuring everyone’s temperature? Non-contact temperature measuring devices are not precise and fail to identify carriers who have not developed a fever.
June 18, 2020Why are we not testing everyone for the virus?Public health care specialists advise that, for testing to be effective for screening, it must be administered to everyone at frequent intervals.
June 18, 2020Are we ready to reopen research laboratories? The decision to reopen June 8 was based on several considerations, including Gov. Larry Hogan’s decision to lift his stay-at-home order, and Interim President Bruce E. Jarrell’s determination that the campus is prepared to safely return for limited research activities.
June 18, 2020Why are there multiple phases for research reopening? The phased, gradual return to research activities will allow us to determine if the safety precautions are working as intended, and if everyone understands and follows these rules.
June 18, 2020Will Federal Work Study student employees and Non-Federal Work Study student employees still get paid? UMB will continue to pay Federal Work Study student employees and Non-Federal Work Study student employees based on the average number of hours they typically work per week.
June 18, 2020What happens if I am a UMB employee and I am required to be away from work for a period of quarantine or other COVID-19 pandemic-related reasons but I do not have any available leave? Employees affected by COVID-19-related absences who cannot work remotely and who have exhausted all paid leave should contact Human Resources to discuss options.
June 18, 2020If I have been put on administrative leave, how should I fill out my time sheet? Non-exempt employees whose job duties are not capable of being performed remotely and who are not designated as “Essential for Pandemic Circumstances – On Campus” should use the hourly employee administrative leave code.
June 18, 2020If I have been assigned to telework, how do I fill out my time sheet? All employees (exempt and non-exempt) should enter their time and attendance in the normal fashion. For exempt employees, this involves entering “D” for duty days. For non-exempt employees, this involves entering the hours worked. Employees who have been assigned to telework and need time off for illness or personal reasons are required to enter their leave in accordance with standard leave policies.
June 18, 2020What happens if an employee is required to be away from work for a period of quarantine but does not have any symptoms of illness? Remote work/telework should be the first option for employees who are physically well but are prevented from coming to work due to self-quarantine. If an employee is required by the University, health authorities, or a health care provider to be away from work as part of a self-quarantine, they will be permitted to use their sick leave or other forms of paid leave.
June 15, 2020What hours does Public Safety patrol the campus? Currently, Public Safety has staff on campus from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Open campus buildings have a security officer stationed at most entrances. Police officers are patrolling the campus 24/7. A supplement of security officers help to cover between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. Safe Walk remains available 24/7; service can be requested by calling 410-706-6882.
June 13, 2020I work at UMB and tested positive for COVID-19. Who should I contact?Essential UMB faculty and staff, and on-campus students should call 800-701-9863 to reach the UMB COVID-19 Hotline for guidance.
June 12, 2020What is the difference between cleaning and disinfecting?Cleaning refers to the removal of germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces. Disinfecting refers to using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces.
June 05, 2020What happens if I have been scheduled to work on campus and I have an underlying medical condition or risk factor that puts me at greater risk of COVID-19 complications? Employees who are scheduled to work on campus and seek accommodations must contact Human Resource Services (410-706-7601) to engage in the accommodation or job modification process.
June 01, 2020Can I hold administrative meetings? All in-person meetings are prohibited and should be moved to a virtual platform or canceled.
June 01, 2020Will employees who are required to work during an Emergency Closure be entitled to additional compensation or leave?UMB is not closed. UMB is utilizing a physical distancing strategy recommended by public health experts to dramatically reduce the number of people on campus, and thereby reduce the chance of spread.
June 01, 2020What happens if I have unmet graduation requirements that are critical in order to graduate on time this year? Innovative solutions should be sought to meet these needs. For example, clinical and field rotations for a small number of students that can be deemed extremely safe from COVID-19 infection for students may be considered.
June 01, 2020Can students participate in any group, in-person activities with faculty as an alternative to my experiential/field learning activity?Group in-person activities with faculty for alternative experiences, inclusive of classroom simulations, formulary assessments, etc., are allowed if strict measures are taken to follow the 6-foot physical distancing rule, and documentation of that requirement is maintained.
June 01, 2020I’m a faculty member. Can I organize my students to volunteer in field placements? UMB is not organizing or orchestrating any on-site student volunteer activities. UMB is also not advocating for use of students as volunteers in the hospital setting. UMB faculty should not solicit or coordinate their students for use as volunteers for on-site activities. This does not prohibit students from volunteering.
May 13, 2020If I have been designated as “Essential for Pandemic Circumstances – On Campus” am I required to come to work?Employees who are designated as “Essential for Pandemic Circumstances – On Campus” may be required to report to work for their regularly scheduled shifts (with exceptions for illness and other COVID-19-related accommodations). Job duties that can be performed via telework should be performed remotely. These employees should stay in contact with their supervisors to determine whether their designation changes.
May 13, 2020I am a student who tested positive for COVID-19. Who do I contact?If a student is confirmed to have COVID-19, their Student Affairs dean should be contacted. On-campus students should call 800-701-9863 to reach the UMB COVID-19 Hotline for guidance.
March 25, 2020How will police officers be compensated during the period of episodic telework? Because UMB is open and the majority of employees are continuing to report for work, University Police will continue to report for duty and will receive their regular pay (including any applicable overtime or on-call pay) as spelled out in existing policies and applicable collective bargaining agreement.
March 18, 2020How do I add additional second factors to my Duo account? To add additional devices, or edit existing devices, log in at, then click on Multi-Factor Authentication.
March 18, 2020Where can I find information regarding the use of the Blackboard Learning Management application for teaching and learning? View the complete answer for links for specific users.
March 18, 2020Will UMB provide me a computer if I need or want one? Employees who are able to work remotely on personal devices may be required to do so. Employees who need devices should speak with their supervisors about availability of UMB devices.
March 18, 2020How do I access UMB applications and systems if I am teleworking? Almost all UMB applications and systems are web-based and can be accessed directly via a web browser on your home/remote computer. You do not need to use a virtual private network (VPN) connection unless a particular UMB application or system is not accessible via the web.
March 18, 2020Am I required to work during a period of episodic telework under the COVID-19 Telework Policy?All employees who are able to work remotely have been reassigned and required to telework. Employees are encouraged to take time away from work to rest and refresh. In these cases, employees should use appropriate paid leave. Questions about leave can be directed to Human Resources by calling 410-706-7601.
March 18, 2020Can I have meetings with visitors from outside the UMB community? All meetings with outside visitors should be moved to a virtual platform or canceled.
March 18, 2020Will UMB excuse an absence for a student who is sick with COVID-19?Schools will make reasonable efforts to accommodate sick students. In some cases, makeup activity may not meet requirements for the student to continue in their studies as intended. The school and student will need to work together to determine a revised academic plan. Seek guidance from your school’s Academic Affairs office.
March 13, 2020How do I install anti-virus software to protect my computer, my identity, and UMB systems? If using Windows 10, turn on the built-in antivirus feature called Microsoft Defender.