Should I Sign the Protect UMB Pledge if I signed the UMB Housing Compact? Or, should I sign the Housing Compact if I signed the UMB Pledge?

August 19, 2020

While both documents contain similar language, the Housing Compact and Addendum includes a required UMB Housing Addendum for residents of Fayette Square Apartments and Pascault Row. That addendum and compact acknowledges that the addendum has been added to residents' 2020-2021 UMB Housing License and pledges that you will follow the outlined guidelines.

Those who are required to complete the Housing Compact and Addendum are not required to log-in to sign the Protect UMB pledge.

However, you are encouraged to show your support of the Protect UMB pledge.By signing the Protect UMB pledge your name will appear on a webpage and e-boards around campus with other students, faculty, and staff who have pledged to Protect UMB.