I self-reported vaccine information in SAFE, but it says unconfirmed. Why do I have to provide more information?

June 11, 2021

Although the SAFE on Campus symptom monitoring program collected self-reported vaccination information in the past, there was no mechanism for you to provide proof of your vaccine. With the vaccine being mandatory for the fall semester, UMB requires evidence of the vaccine. 

UMB may already have proof of your vaccine if you got yours at the UMB Vaccination Clinic, or signed consent for the Maryland vaccine database in CRISP to release it. If your status at the UMB COVID-19 Management Portal does not indicate "confirmed," then you should follow the directions in the portal to upload an image of your vaccine proof.

Once this evidence is processed, your status will be changed to “confirmed” and you will no longer receive notices to complete daily symptom monitoring (with the exception of nursing and medical students who will still need to complete this on days attending practicum/rotations off-site, even if vaccinated).

Please allow a week for staff to process the newly submitted information.