What are health and safety expectations for unvaccinated students, faculty, and staff?

August 2, 2021 (updated August 5, 2021)

Effective Aug. 6, unvaccinated individuals must wear a face covering in adherence to the UMB Policy Requiring the Use of Face Coverings.

Unvaccinated people must wear a mask when working in a cubicle.

Faculty or staff who are not vaccinated must wear a face covering while lecturing.

Masks are not required when people are outdoors, except for at gatherings where attendees will be in fixed seating for more than 15 minutes without 6 feet of physical distancing.

Masks must be worn while exercising at URecFit and the UMB Community Engagement Center regardless of vaccination status.

Physical distance is encouraged where feasible regardless of vaccinaton status.

Six feet of physical distancing must be maintained between people who are eating or drinking because it requires removing the face covering.

Additional measures and restrictions can be found in the UMB COVID-19 Vaccination Protocols.