Operations and Maintenance (Maintenance Shops) Response

June 12, 2020 (updated April 21, 2021)

This information has been archived. Some or all of the information below is no longer accurate.

  • Prioritizing Operations and Maintenance Focus and Ensuring Building Health and Safety for Occupancy
    • As occupancy increased on campus, 100% of on-site technical staff returned to campus to meet maintenance and customer needs.
    • To prepare buildings for occupancy, plumbing lines in all buildings were flushed.
    • HVAC systems have continued to condition office and lab buildings throughout the telework period to maintain building health. Temperature and humidity have been closely monitored and we've maintained proper conditioning to all office/lab space during the pandemic.
    • The HVAC systems serving UMB buildings have been properly designed, maintained, and operated. A review of the air filters and HVAC systems in UMB research and administration buildings shows they meet or exceed code requirements. Research and administration buildings* have the recommended MERV 13 or better filters.
      *This does not include the Guild House, Westminster Hall, or 300 Russell.
    • Plexiglas shields were installed at guards desks
    • Hand sanitizer stations were installed on each floor of the main elevator lobbies in all buildings across campus
  • Energy Reduction
    • One of the projects UMB is most proud of is our energy reduction efforts across campus. We want to thank everyone, especially our facility contacts in the schools and on the research task force, who have provided us with information that allowed us to save the University over $10,000 a day. In these trying times, these savings will have a huge impact.
    • Please note that as you return to campus, temperature set points have been adjusted to allow it to be a bit cooler on cool days and hotter on hot days. Please wear layers and bear with us as a little discomfort is allowing for great savings.