Letter: Next Week's Return to Campus: Mask Requirements, Elevator Usage, and Lunch Rooms

May 26, 2021

This information has been archived. Some or all of the information below is no longer accurate.

Dear UMB Community,
As we prepare to return to our University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) campus next week, I want to share updates on face coverings, elevator usage, and eating while on campus. Please look to the Return to Campus Guide for additional information including frequently asked questions.
Masks/Face Coverings
Out of an abundance of caution for the safety of the UMB community, the following mask/face covering regulations are in place: 
  • A face covering must be worn while on UMB’s campus or at an off-campus location occupied by UMB community members (Universities at Shady Grove, Donaldson Brown Riverfront Event Center, Columbus Center, etc.). UMB’s campus is defined as all property owned, leased, or operated by UMB. This includes all buses or shuttles operated by UMB.
  • Exceptions:
    • You do not have to wear a mask indoors if you are ALONE in an office, laboratory, or study area. If you are alone in your office/lab/study area, you do not need to close the door.
    • You do not have to wear a mask indoors if you are in a break room to eat or drink and are seated more than 6 feet away from any other individuals.
    • You do not have to wear a mask outdoors with the following exception: Masks are still required for outdoor gatherings where attendees will be in fixed seating for more than 15 minutes and for which 6 feet of physical distancing cannot be sustained. 
  • Face coverings must fit securely over both the nose and the mouth.
  • For more information, you can read the UMB Policy Requiring Face Coverings.
UMB has reduced physical distancing in elevators to 3 feet, and signs will be posted accordingly. If capacity signage is not posted or missing, ridership should be limited to the number of people who can fit in the elevator with approximately 3 feet of distance between themselves and others. All riders must wear masks while on the elevator.
Patience and civility are requested from those who must wait for an available elevator. It is encouraged that individuals use the stairs when possible. Hand sanitizer stations will be provided at the exits of each high-traffic elevator as determined by Facilities and Operations.
Lunch Rooms and Break Rooms
Lunch rooms and break rooms should have signage to indicate maximum capacity. If room capacity is not posted, please ensure you are seated at least 6 feet from other people using the room.
When break room capacity has been met or there is not enough space to sit 6 feet from others, employees will be encouraged to use available indoor common spaces (conference rooms, etc.) as long as physical distancing requirements can be met and space is available. To assist with keeping lunch rooms and break rooms clean, the use of blue Point of Use carts is encouraged.
In areas where break rooms are not available, employees will be encouraged to eat at their assigned desk or cubicle. It also is encouraged that lunch and break times be staggered to avoid the overcrowding of common lunch rooms or break rooms.
During summer 2021 events, food is allowable as long as it is pre-packaged for individual consumption. Buffets or shared food are not allowed. People must be at least 6 feet apart while eating.
Information on COVID-19 vaccine requirements and where to get a COVID-19 vaccine can be found on UMB’s COVID-19 Vaccine webpage.
Again, please refer to the Return to Campus Guide for additional information. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Steve Deck, DM, MBA
Director, Environmental Health and Safety