Letter: Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Protocol Update

August 1, 2022

Dear UMB Community,
Effective Aug. 1, 2022, the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) will no longer require employees (faculty, staff, and contractors) to submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Employees whose job duties require them to work in clinical settings or at clinical or field sites continue to be subject to the vaccine requirements of those sites. Schools are responsible for communicating and enforcing any COVID-19 vaccine requirements that relate to a UMB employee’s specific job duties. In these cases, proof of vaccination and requests for accommodations will continue to be administered through the COVID-19 Management Portal.
We know that most of our employees have already followed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations to get vaccinated and boosted, and we appreciate your efforts to keep you and others around you as safe as possible. UMB continues to strongly encourage each person to follow CDC recommendations to get vaccinated, receive all appropriate booster doses, and follow all health and safety precautions while at work. Information on COVID-19 vaccines and boosters can be found here or by speaking to your health care provider. COVID-19 vaccines continue to be our most effective tool to protect people against serious illness, hospitalization, and death.
In addition, please stay home if you are feeling sick. If you test positive for COVID-19, please notify your supervisor and fill out the COVID-19 reporting form. Completing this form will trigger an email to you with specific instructions based on the information you reported.
UMB reserves the right to implement safety measures in the future – including revised vaccine requirements, masking policies, and other public health measures – as the public health situation evolves.
Thank you for your continued vigilance against the changing nature of COVID-19.
Stay healthy,
Marianne Cloeren, MD, MPH
Associate Professor, University of Maryland School of Medicine
UMB Public Health Officer