How to Use Point-of-Use Cleaning Kits

September 2, 2020 (updated February 27, 2023)

Note: The POU Cleaning Cart program will come to an end March 1. Requests for custodial services can be made through the Facilities Work Request Portal. Questions about the POU Cleaning Carts and requests for excess hand sanitizer can be directed to Environmental Services (EVS) leadership at The hand sanitizer gallon jugs will be disseminated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Cart Instructions

Following these steps will help create a safe, healthy, and efficient way to clean surfaces on campus. Keep in mind to clean areas and surfaces before use.

Make sure you build in time before a class or meeting to clean your area to allow the surface to dry. You do not need to disinfect the area after you are finished because the next person will disinfect the space prior to their use.

Always maintain physical distancing while cleaning, and do not congregate by the Point-of-Use Cleaning carts.

It is important to not take the disinfectant spray bottle with you to spray down surfaces and instead use the method outlined below. Removing the bottle from the cart to the area you want to clean would require wearing appropriate campus-approved eye protection.

Here is a guide to using the Point-of-Use Cleaning Kits:

Cleaning a Surface

  • Place one glove on each hand. 
  • Take one wipe with a gloved hand. 
  • Fold the wipe twice into a square.
  • Hold the spray bottle.
  • Spray once or twice into the folded wipe, holding the nozzle an inch from the surface of the wipe. 
  • Place the spray bottle back onto the cart.
    • Please do not remove the spray bottle from the cart. 
  • Use the wipe with disinfectant on any surface that you will be touching, excluding fabrics.
  • Once finished, discard the wipe in a trash can.  
  • Remove each glove without touching your skin by first pulling one glove from the fingertips, and the second glove from the outside surface of the glove at your wrist.
    • The food-grade gloves provided on the carts are not for long-time usage. They are only intended for short utilization such as for the Point-of-Use Cleaning protocol.
  • Discard your used gloves in a trash can. 

Cleaning Your Hands

  • Use the pump hand sanitizer dispenser to disinfect your hands after use by placing one pump of hand sanitizer into the palm of one hand. 
  • Vigorously rub the hand sanitizer on your palms, between your fingers, and the back of your hands and fingers.