Enhanced Hygiene

June 12, 2020

Personal Hygiene

  • Wash hands thoroughly on a routine basis as well as after cleaning. Handwashing should include the use of regular soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds.

  • Use hand-sanitizer stations located in all buildings across campus. If using personal hand sanitizer, use hand sanitizer with 60 percent alcohol content or greater.

Enhanced Hygiene and Health Measures Employed

  • Sneeze guards have been provided at all security guard stations at the entrances/lobbies of operational buildings.

  • Hand sanitizer stations are being purchased, installed, and maintained in the main elevator lobbies. UMB will have these installed at least in the main floor elevator lobby prior to Phase 1 Road to Recovery for Research. Additional units have been ordered for other floors, but there are supply chain issues with this product, so UMB is awaiting their arrival.

  • Handwashing is the best method to prevent the spread of germs. Follow handwashing guidelines set by the CDC and the World Health Organization — wash your hands for at least 20 seconds under running water using soap.

  • Limit touching your face (eyes, nose, mouth).

  • Physical/social distance by keeping a 6-foot distance between you and others to reduce potential person-to-person transmission. 

  • Sneeze into your arm to reduce the spread of the virus in respiratory droplets (the common transmission pathway for the virus).

  • Do not share your personal phone, pen, pencil, or computer mouse with others. If using shared laptops or keyboards, disinfect before each use (avoid allowing liquid to get inside the keyboard/computer).